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i am a single mother with 3 kids evry week i go to walmart to do some shopping with my kids i am completely shocked with how disgusting these emplyees are!! they are mostly black with nasty hair, ashy skin, and crazy pierings! i evn saw one girls thong!!!!! the other normal colored ppl look even worse and tired all the time! my kids should NOT be subjected to see this!! what if they grow up thinking its okay to look like this!? Its disgusting!

on one trip to my walmart i let my kids run off around the store b/c theyre usually responsible and i wanted to get my shopping doone in PEACE i saw something on sale on line so i went to the store to pick it up but the item didn't match the sale price?????! i was confused i went to an employee and asked and she told me that the sale ended yesterday and i said thats not fair and she said oh well i should learn how to read??? i was so upset and i almost had a break down so i went to find the manager and i explained what happened and she said there was nothing she could do and that she saw me earlier letting my kids run around and she didnt want to help me anyway!??! thats none of her business!!

one of my kids actually got hurt that day 2 bc one of the cages dat kept the balls inside was broken and it fell on top of him! they didnt do anyting to make me feel better!

im going to sue walmart for poor service and endangerment to hildren this was the worst day of my life

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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what tha *** is in the water where u people live?


what tha *** is in the water where u people live?


this story sounds fake. if not, your kids belong in a zoo or at least somewhere where they can't annoy everyone.


You can report as much as you want, the mods don't do a thing.


You can report as much as you want, the mods don't do a thing.


I reported this as spam you f*cktard. Normal coloured people???

Really?? :(


You are exactly the type of person that I hate to see coming anywhere, ex: malls, grocery stores, buffets, post offices, cruises, hotels and Wal-Mart!!! You & your "free running kids" are one reason items are damaged or broken in stores.

That's also how kids are abducted, being left on their own.

Maybe you should best spend your time watching your kids instead of everyone else's

skin color(racist),hair and clothes. Judge yourself!!!


This has to be a Troll posting,no one in the world is this ignorant..............


What do you mean by "the other normal coloured people"? Are you implying it is not normal to be black? Are you on drugs?

Your kids should not be subjected to hating someone because of their skin colour or the way they dress.

To the horror if your children grow up to not judge people based on their skin colour and the way they dress.

Also how is it the employee's fault you do not know how to read.

Also I bet if one of your children got hurt running around you would be the first to sue. Despite the fact that your children were running around because they are undisciplined. Your child would not have gotten hurt if you had watched him.

Are you the same person whose child got hurt in falling off the shopping cart? So because you are a bad parent you are going to sue for child endangerment. There would not be an issue of child endangerment if you watched your children, and it is your job to cuddle your child not theirs. Why did you not make him feel better, it is your job not theirs.


you should never breed... Walmart hires anyone so get use to the employees and dress code.

You may not agre but you do sound racist. :eek


Wow. You are racist and this isnt even a valid complaint.

Walmart isn't a place to let your kids run around in either. But you know what, I hope you keep that up, you will regret this when they get older and have no discipline. If you really feel this way than stop shopping there every week. You sound like a real classy, intelligent individual.

This website isn't intended for individuals like you. You can't even spell "that" right. I really hope you do try to sue walmart for the "complaint" mentioned above.

It would be comical. I am also sure they have more lawyers then you have family memebers.


you are a racist