The last two times, we have visited, this Wal-Mart, there have been NO SHOPPING CARTS, NO MOTORIZED CARTS. I must use a cane to maneuver & need a motorized cart to shop.

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Get your own f.ucking cart! Loser!


buy one. or better yet get into physical therapy.


Our Wal-mart has at least 8 motorized carts, wheelchairs, and plenty of shopping carts. Lots of times I have seen teenagers playing around on those motorized carts.

Racing, using them as bumper cars for example. What's even worse, is the parents that don't seem to care.

I suppose Wal-mart could ask them to prove they are disabled. Then again, we would have another Kanye West thing going on.

to Anonymous #875789

Teenagers are in high school and don't go shopping with their parents. Their parents are not there to stop them.

We have the same problem at out walmart of not enough shopping carts, I guess the child posting this expects them to have an unlimited supply or have them magically appear. Many get stolen. I have seen people walk home with them or leave them behind apartment buildings in playgrounds ect.

To replace them would be costly, then the OP's parents would complain about high costs. The OP does not care about this since the parent buys everything for them.

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