Panama City Beach, Florida
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This morning on 16 Man 2011 at aprox 5 am, I entered Wal-Mart in Panama City Beach, FL located on front beach road. I was with my girlfriend and a friend of hers visiting from out of town.

Upon entering Wal-Mart a young man was standing outside your store cursing at myself for reasons not known to me. I asked this individual to please leave us alone that this was not the time or place for any altercations. Myself and company continued to enter store and proceed with our shopping. This young man at this point also followed us in cursing and yelling racial remarks at what I would consider to be at the top of his lungs.

We continued to ignore this young man at which I believe angered him more. Meanwhile during his tirade every wall mart employee we passed stared and did NOTHING. We continued our shopping while Wal-Mart employees did absolutely NOTHING to help this situation. This individual followed us for at least 20 minutes yelling and caring on, yelling racial remarks, threaten remarks as he followed us all over the store.

He called myself names my girlfriend and her friend names, for in excess of 30min. At one point he threw products at us from the shelves. I stopped several times thinking this individual was going to strike myself. Mgmt finally came over and asked this person to leave us alone.

Mgmt at that point watched this person who was obviously not shopping follow us around also. For a few minutes this young man stopped and mgmt or employees quit following us. At this point he followed us to the checkout line where the verbal and threaten onslaught continued. All of this in front of Wal-mart employees who did absolutely NOTHING but apologize to me and company.

No security came to our aid at any point. As I told the checkout clerk as I made my purchases "great job now this *** whole is going to be waiting for me in the parking lot." Mgmt apologized to me for this guy's action and said there was nothing they could do because he did not strike me. They asked me if they should call the cops, at which point I told them they should have called the cops a long time ago. Mgmt told me because he never "strike" me there was nothing they could do.

I then informed mgmt that I'm sure this guy was waiting for me in the parking lot. Sure enough as we exited the store this individual was waiting for us outside and the nightmare continued. Some people in the parking lot distracted this man long enough for me to put my stuff, girlfriend, and friend in the car safely. I then entered the vehicle and we departed.

I have never seen or heard of a situation handled so poorly by mgmt and staff. This individual threatened, cursed, threw, antagonized, insulted, slandered myself and company all in Wal-Mart shopping center and in the presence of employees with no aid provided for our safety or well being, let alone shopping experience.

Completely unacceptable behavior by your mmgt and staff. I am dumbfounded by this incident and cannot believe how this was handled.

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Next time go shopping with mommy, since you are six years old. If you are an adult you are unable to protect not only yourself but your girlfriend as well which makes you a p*ssy.


Don't bother w Kevin Richards, ignore any thing he says. all his life consists of is writing rude comments on people's pages. Don't even waste you time replying to his comments...


Now you are following me around from post to post. Do you want to tell the others what you posted, you bragged about calling your children names, then you told me that the comments I posted made you so upset you want to verbally and physically harm them.


Haha your right Richards is one to talk. Almost every comment he ever post has something about a six year old. Very Sketchy.

@Give it up

The worst is this lady creates other accounts to defend herself, give it up is one of her accounts.


Why did you not call the police yourself? Really sad you had to tolerate that kind of treatment.

You should of just called the police. I've been to this wal-mart many times & never witnessed this

@living in utah

Because he is six years old and mommy took the cell phone away because he was spending her money playing games.


When he started throwing things at you, it becomes assault (at least in my state) and you could have called the police.


Not much of a spell and grammer check person, the point is this was unacceptable by management. I have been sober for 3 years.

Thank you for your drug related comment. I can assure you this person was under the influence of some kind of drugs or alcohol. Think you are missing the point HAHA.

I was there at 530am because I just got off work. Threats were that he was going to physicaly harm me and rape my girlfriend.


You would say "he called me names.Not he called myself names.


What are you? A 3rd grader?

Where did you learn to write?

I am willing to bet you knew this person who followed you. Not only that I bet drugs were involved.


What were the threats?