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I went to walmart in Oakland (Edge water) ,Ca

I want to buy 60 inch tv I ask one of the employee in the pick up department she said asked her manager I waited for 1/2 hour and then suddenly there is a guy chatting on the phone all these time with his native language . Then I ask the same girl again how long its gonna be she said waiting for that same guy was on the phone with his gf or something.

I were pissed . I walk out the store went to Best Buy got me the same tv within 5 minutes .

I never walk back to that *** walmart ever . They should fire that manager In Electronic department bad service just pay him then telll him stay home

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The customers are so ghetto...


You are quick to assume that he was talking to his girlfriend or something. How do you know who he was talking with?

It may have been a customer, vendor, home office. You were impatient and therefore you start assuming.

Walmart employees answer customer calls all day long and can't just hang up on them because it irritates you. Grow up!

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #879223

The employee told them that they were talking to their girlfriend so perhaps he does it all the time, besides you can pick up who they are supposedly talking to if you hear their end of the conversation, for example if he is using words like sweetheart, honey lovedoodles and darling, I doubt he would be talking to a customer, vendor or home office.

First Born Triplet

If you are female when he was talking on his phone with his girlfriend you could have called him honey and asked him to confirm your "movie and date" loudly so she could hear, that would make him hang up, real fast. Hey it may even work if you are a man.

to First Born Triplet #878687

That or flirt with them, act like you know them and they do it all the time, same principle as yours make sure the girlfriend overhears on the phone. They will hang up quickly as you say, and have some explaining to do to their girlfriend when they get home. (If they are allowed home)


It should say I was pissed not I were pissed. You call someone old enough to work a girl when you don`t even know simple fourth grade grammar, very funny.

Not to mention you have many other spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you are going to call an adult a girl at least make sure you have correct spelling and grammar. Because frankly these things you are lacking are taught at age nine.

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