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When exiting Walmart there is often a line to get out the door. Ordinarily like most people when there is not a line we have allowed them to check our receipts.

However when it takes 30 minutes just to check out. You can refused to wait in another line while someone checks your purchases before leaving the store. You have the right to refuse an illegal search anytime that is your right. And then making it worse you're being detained by someone stating that you cannot leave until they check your receipt.

Turn on your phone or have someone with you record everything. Because by so doing these things Walmart in my opinion is accusing you of theft and you should be insulted. You may consider calling the police explain to them that you are being accused of theft and would like an officer to witness the return of your purchases.

Make sure to ask the police officer for a copy of his or their report. If you choose to consult an attorney and file a lawsuit for being accused of theft in front of hundreds of store customers and employees, mention unlawful search and that you are being detained.

Therefore, I suggest walking over to customer service, producing your receipt, and returning everything that you just purchased and demanding your money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Receipt Check Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do not shop there again....Problem Solved....You are welcome...


Walmart needs to do what other stores do either get bigger bags or have stickers that say paid. End of story. I refuse to show a reciept based on the fact that a big box of diapers wont fit in a bag


By letting them check your receipt your are giving up your fourth amendment rights.When people give up their rights people lose their rights. I will never show my receipt.

I have had many family members d ie in wars so I can keep my rights so I refuse to give them up. Legally they have no right to check receipts.

Stop showing them. Always record...Always stand up for your rights or all the solider who have died so you can have freedom have died in vain.


I never stop to show my receipt. I'm not mean or rude, I just walk on by with my purchase.

to llennoco #1625055

Me too!


Technically they are not accusing you of theft. Just asking for your receipt.

You don't have to show it. But you are a fool for complaining about waiting in line for a receipt after waiting for 30 minutes at checkout. That like is not even a minute long.

Next time they insist on the receipt, push them aside,give them the finger and walk off. Instead of suing, try to get a job and earn your own money.

to FailingPersian289 #1564891

And if you push them they can then sue you for assault.

to Anonymous #1628543

Can press charges for assault


Tell the clown at the door to go to....


That's weird because when I was leaving tonight they were a little less polite than normal and you're right they are checking people even my stuff was all bagged up and two people had just seen me check out and I had to wait for a few seconds it wasn't a big deal I don't mind if it's not a long wait if they want to check my receipt but then they started looking through all my bags and how much do you have to figure out you can see that I paid for everything, come on you don't have to go through my bags. They've had a lot of theft problems I don't think th managers know how to deal with it legally. Sounds like they better be careful they're going to end up with a lawsuit I'm someone is not understanding like me.

to Devra Rossi #1564802

Little girl, unless they directly accuse you of theft, you do not have a lawsuit. Instead of suing why not get a job and earn your one money. You know the mature adult way.

to FailingPersian289 #1599763

Yeah you need to get a job and learn how to spell!!!


I would actually prefer that you don't go to Walmart so we don't have to listen to your silly whining. You must appear guilty, I have NEVER been stopped while leaving a Walmart store.I have never been treated with anything but respect at Walmart. It must be you.

to ransom #1454647

You must be one of the sheep lol

to ransom #1490296

https://www.whattoexpect.com/forums/hot-topics-1/topic/checking-receipts-at-walmart.htmlThis happens for every customer at the Newark Ohio store. It is not just one customer, it is every customer.

to ransom #1625176

Wow really, buy a TV and refuse to show your receipt and see what happens


Or, better yet just don't shop at a store that does this nonsense. With the large amount of other stores in most towns, there is no need to shop at Walmart just to, perhaps save a few cents on groceries or general merchandise.

to h.kitchener #1454648

I don't shop there. You must be one of their suspected thieves that don't mind giving up your 4th amendment rights and permit illegal search of your property.Shop around you don't really save anything shopping at Walmart.

to Anonymous #1454788

I think you are confusing governmental powers with the loss prevention policies of a company. They only check those carts with unbagged products.

Such as TVs Animal food microwaves because you are part of the group that steals. And that group is a customer. Just because you have paid for it doesn’t mean they are accusing you of theft by checking your receipt. Since they do it BEFORE you leave the store it’s not accusing you of theft.

If they did it outside of the store then I would say you MIGHT have something. But you’re really confused about what the constitution says on the forth amendment. It states that no government agency or agent has the right to search you without cause. Asking to see your receipt and verifying the purchases is not a violation of any rights you have.

But I do suggest that you try and sue them. The lesson will be against you as this has been hashed out many many times against many many retail companies.

Until you are out the door you are on private property and they have every right to ensure that YOU are not stealing. Costco, Sams Club, Menards these are all major retailers who have the same policies and have been taken to court many times and in each and every instance the Judges have sided with the retailer as their right to ensure no loss is greater then you having to wait.

to Durpa #1490300

They check every person's cart/package leaving the Newark Ohio store.

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