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When exiting Walmart there is often a line to get out the door. Ordinarily like most people when there is not a line we have allowed them to check our receipts.

However when it takes 30 minutes just to check out. You can refused to wait in another line while someone checks your purchases before leaving the store. You have the right to refuse an illegal search anytime that is your right. And then making it worse you're being detained by someone stating that you cannot leave until they check your receipt.

Turn on your phone or have someone with you record everything. Because by so doing these things Walmart in my opinion is accusing you of theft and you should be insulted. You may consider calling the police explain to them that you are being accused of theft and would like an officer to witness the return of your purchases.

Make sure to ask the police officer for a copy of his or their report. If you choose to consult an attorney and file a lawsuit for being accused of theft in front of hundreds of store customers and employees, mention unlawful search and that you are being detained.

Therefore, I suggest walking over to customer service, producing your receipt, and returning everything that you just purchased and demanding your money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Receipt Check Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I totally agree with you. Then you also have to wait to return what you bought but worth it.

My family and I don't go to Walmart anymore. We joke and call it Wally world


Childish. Not like they will lose much from one person. Not that i agree with the showing the receipt thing.


Oh yes, because driving 1/2 hour out of your way is SO much better than the 10 secconds it takes to be a decent human being and show a receipt...excellent choice!


Wow. You're actually suggesting someone is a bad person if they choose to not submit to an unwarranted search.

Yeah, it may be stupid to choose to drive across town rather than submit to a vaguely intrusive act, but really, does it honestly in your opinion equate to someone being a bad person? Just think on that for a minute.


Well I know Walmart asking for your receipts may be a pain for some people. As I do the asking 3 days a week.

I need to look up the laws on it. It is not Unlawful to ask. That falls under the First Amendment and asking is not covered under the Fourth Amendment. This is from the Supreme Court.

Many states have enacted the common-law privilege as positive law (for example, Oregon”s law is ORS 131.655). In either form, the shopkeeper”s privilege allows a retailer to detain suspected shoplifters and inspect their personal property for stolen items.


Customer host here. I love when you people get mad.

I still kill you with kindness as you make *** of yourselves. Its not against the law to ask.

You do however have the right to refuse, and, be an *** too. Don't forget our jobs help pay your SSI, your welfare, get your roads paved and everything inbetween, you ungrateful nits.




nice customer, thumbs up...obvious ****s thumbs down. What an incredible surprise.

Here's the best part, it takes 5 seconds to show a receipt.

How much time does it take to come on here and ****about it? Spoiled, rude malcontents.


Kill me with kindness? No, you harass the people who pay your check, and I generally ignore your ilk as I have nothing to say to you.

I don't get mad, I ignore you. You seem like you need a real job.


Silly kid. Stop with the customers pay your check.

The saying is outdated and childish. They are right it is not against the law to ask, but you are right to as it is not against the law to not show. Unless they have proof that you are stealing they cannot stop you if you tell them to take a hike or fudge off. Also first anonymous.No need to insult your customers.

Some have jobs, some do not. Some make twice as much as you some make half as much as you. Chance are the too are paying for welfare and road maintenance.

Also anonymous saying that they need a real job. They are working and that is that..


Seeing how I make Min twice as much than your highest pay I will be damned if I’m gonna wait to leave with *** I now legally own cuz I done paid for it. It’s a waste of my valuable time and I refuse to


Just because a person make more money does not mean they are better than those that make minimum wage.Your personality is just as bad as her/his. Also if you made twice as more I am sure you can afford to shop elsewhere.


I never stop for that. I just keep on walking. God help them if they try to detain me...or worse put their hands on me!


I just got out of the hospital with blood clots in my lungs,went into the Walmart on Dell range blvd in Cheyenne Wyoming to get pills and a few other things,so yes I had to use a electric cart,I paid for my pills,got checked out by a cashier and go to leave and btw everything was bagged and got asked for a receipt really first time ever when everything is in bags come on now that is just pure stupidity walmart


Calling someone stupid with your terrible grammar. Funny.


By law you don't have to provide a receipt, or allow them to look thru your bags, that is called unlawful detainment, it borders on kidnapping. Once you purchase an item it becomes your property, you can therefore walk past and say "No thanks" if they try and stop you, you then have grounds for filing charges.


Every time I have gone they ask to see my receipt. I was given the BS that it was to "make sure the cashiers don't overcharge me".

Unfortunately, it was the only close store that I knew of (just moved).

I will be traveling the 1/2 hr to go anywhere else... or order online.


You have ZERO obligation to get your receipt checked the sales transaction was over once you paid and received your receipt


You have it all wrong. Nobody is detained.

Nobody is accusing anyone of stealing, it's a check for errors. ERRORS. Which account for a major part of loss. But you gave a guilty conscience somewhere it seems.

If someone is accused of theft, you'll know it again. Nobody is being detained. Everyone is free to POLITELY refuse to show their receipts. Bags are not searched either.

2 items are scanned. Also, why would you go all the way back to service desk and show them your receipt and waste your time returning everything you spent time buying, all cause you wont allow someone to do the job they are assigned? When you are at your job, aren't customers or clients suppose to abide by company policies? Should they get mad at you for doing the job you're assigned and trained to do?

Receipt checks take 20 seconds.

Be patient, or be nice. Or shop somewhere else.


Bologna! Two different times I have had a DOOR NAZI at the Walmart in Cheyenne Wyoming at 580 Livingston Ave grab my arm to stop me from leaving with MY PROPERTY.

After I pay for it is in IN FACT MY PROPERTY. Walmart has absolutely NO claim to it and I am under NO obligation to show any receipt to any Walmart employee EVER! I have NEVER stolen anything in my entire life! The last two times I jerked away and kept on walking to my car.

One of those times an employee came out running after me then stopped and went back in the store. BTW, Federal Law gives me the absolute right to use FORCE if any Walmart employee ever lays a hand on me PERIOD and I will from now on.

NO employee of Walmart has any right to lay a hand on me PERIOD! YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!