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When exiting Walmart there is often a line to get out the door. Ordinarily like most people when there is not a line we have allowed them to check our receipts.

However when it takes 30 minutes just to check out. You can refused to wait in another line while someone checks your purchases before leaving the store. You have the right to refuse an illegal search anytime that is your right. And then making it worse you're being detained by someone stating that you cannot leave until they check your receipt.

Turn on your phone or have someone with you record everything. Because by so doing these things Walmart in my opinion is accusing you of theft and you should be insulted. You may consider calling the police explain to them that you are being accused of theft and would like an officer to witness the return of your purchases.

Make sure to ask the police officer for a copy of his or their report. If you choose to consult an attorney and file a lawsuit for being accused of theft in front of hundreds of store customers and employees, mention unlawful search and that you are being detained.

Therefore, I suggest walking over to customer service, producing your receipt, and returning everything that you just purchased and demanding your money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Receipt Check Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That's stupid advice. The search is illegal without probable cause.

Stopping to let them look through your bags means you consent to being searched, which gives you ZERO protection if something goes sideways. Do not consent to illegal searches.


That's absolutely foolish. If it was just to check for errors they wouldn't be going through your purchases. Wow you are an idiot.


If they checked eveyone yea but they dont only my kind and i for one am taking it to court i was detained pushed and had my things i just bought riped out of my hands walmart takes it way to far


I try to be nice. I suppose patience is something you want that you are not entitled to.

Yes, a receipt check may take twenty seconds, or more. That's not my problem. Call the police. Obey the law.

Whatever you want.

I am not required to stop for you, and I've known several of your peers to get quit upset over the fact that I refuse to give them something to do. Get a real job.


They are detaining they stood infront of me and riped tbe bag from my hand anf pushed me if that is not grounds for a law suit and charges then what is the greeters job is not to stol someone from leaving and ripping things from tbeir hands now is ot ? If they did their jobs this would not have happened






Just happened to me again for the last time. While exiting, the greeter stopped my wife and I and asked to see my receipt.

I kindly showed her the receipt and as she started reading the receipt I asked her what she was looking for and she indicated the items that are not in bags. At this point I immediately demanded she return my receipt and she wouldn't. I had to physically pry my receipt from her hands so I could leave and then she attempted to stand in front of my cart. So even after showing my receipt I was still being scrutinized.

I explained to the untrained (greeter) that I am leaving and if she attempted to detain me by stopping me from exiting it could result in her being harmed physically. She had already called security, the store manager, and requested assistance. Why, because my 20 lb back of cat food and 12 roll package of paper towels weren't in a bag? As the untrained manager meets me outside of the store he says she has the right to check in items that are not bagged.

I advised him to go back in the store and get a bag for me that could contain the items. Of course Walmart doesn't have bags of that size, so it is somehow my fault. The cashier scanned my items and bagged them, why weren't the items put in a bag I already knew that I did not have to even show my receipt, there was no probable cause, and I had done nothing wrong. The manager starts quoting Walmart Policy so I sited Illinois Law.

Asked what was the probable cause and he again said because the items were not bagged, even though they have no bags to fit the merchandise. Just about the most ridiculous policy I have ever heard of. I told the greeter to stop touching my property....yes my property as I had paid for every single item and she indicated it is store merchandise. It was store merchandise until I paid for it and Walmart accepted my payment.

I will never again show my receipt when exiting. Anyone who shows the receipt and does not challenge this policy is contributing to the policy. Walmart should invest in better resources, training, and management. This hugely profitable company refuses to invest in better security and loss prevention resources and instead has decided to harass their customers on the way out of the door.

Get larger bags if that is the problem, paid for stickers, more cameras, more trained loss prevention officers, whatever it takes to prevent loss prevention, instead of putting the burden of Walmart's poor practices on the customer. In case you are wondering, no the greeter did not have the required scanner at the door to have easily checked the items that were not bagged. Last time I checked, this is America and we are free and have rights. This huge corporation feels it can do whatever it wants regardless of your rights and the law.

So instead of investing in people, they are now implementing more and more self check-out options. How long before this process becomes another excuse to be harassed when leaving. And heaven forbid you make some sort of error when checking out.

Have you ever scanned am item, heard the beep, only to not have the item register, happened to me and the clerk said I used the wrong bar code on the product....what? I will end by quoting Frederick Douglass "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them."


I agree with you 100% and due to their harassment/ policy I no longer shop at Walmart.


This is a Wierd OLD trick... when I went to a grocery store and I would buy, TP/ cat food etc, they would put a STICKER on it...

I know forgotten technology... or a reason to "stop and "frisk"".


.I. .w.o.o.l.

.n.o.t. .s.h.o.w. .m.y. .r.e.c.i.p.e.

.t.o. .t.h.e.

.s.h.o.p.l.i.f.t. .c.a.t.c.h.e.r.s.!.


I never stop at the door and a few days ago the young man at the door said, “Miss, I need to see your receipt”... I replied, No and kept walking.


They hardly ask. But usually show mine.

Do not know why they even ask since they only glance at it shortly. So I could have like one item on the receipt and 100 in the bag and they would not notice. Or I could have an item worth $100 walking out the door and the receipt would only show what i paid for $1 chocolate bar. Not that I would steal, but they don't even check that you have the items that are on the receipt, or if you have 100 extra.

But at least it gives people(elderly, disabled ect) a chance to earn a living.

Many of the greeters are retired or handicapped and would not be hired elsewhere. Even if they work 15 hour a week they are contributing rather than living off the government.

@Zachary2001 Jvs

Their "job" used to be to "greet"... Welcome to hellmart, get your *** and get out.

(Jeff Dunham). But they have now publically stated that the "greeters" are now to be loss prevention and will no longer be the disabled.

https://www.npr.org/2019/02/25/69671****/walmart-is-eliminating-greeters-workers-with-disabilities-feel-targeted I know they put a new "spin" on it, but I see the facts in store... and I will no longer spend any money with them.


Grow up


Your rights do not stop when you walk into Walmart. They are not above the law.

This is big corporate money violating rights. Anyone that thinks this is ok doesn't deserve to have any rights or freedom.


"The law does not provide a remedy for every annoyance that occurs in daily life. Many things which are distressing or may be lacking in propriety or good taste are not actionable." Kelley v.

Post Publishing Co., 327 Mass. 275, 278, 98 N.E.2d 286, 287 (****). The court, when analyzing causes of action stated under G.L. c.

214, § 1B, is bound by "prevailing societal values and the ability to enter orders which are practical and capable of reasonable enforcement." Schlesinger, 409 Mass.

at 519, 567 N.E.2d at 915. In keeping with this spirit and in all the circumstances, you have to show that inspecting what you had just purchased was either a substantial or serious intrusion on your right to privacy." Basically the law says it's an annoyance but the law does not remedy things that are just annoying, and that society has deemed checking a receipt is reasonable enforcement and that unless you can show what you purchased is a serious intrusion on your right to privacy (and Wal-Mart really would not sell such items) they are perfectly within their legal right to ask to compare your receipt with the items in your bag and this has been upheld in a court of law.


What a bunch of BS. And what a waste of time writing it.

They are within their rights to ask yes... But not to force compliance.


also, another way i look at it with those long lines at the exit door with the door greeter checking everybody's receipt, this is a fire hazard. You have people lined up at a designated fire exit and in case of emergency people have to get out. so there you have the door greeter with a thousand people lined up, looking at each ones receipts.


As long as they don't ask to look inside my backpack, I'm good!

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