The wal mart in goose creek S.C. is the nastiest, dirtiest and, rudest store I have ever been in.

Not only are the prices higer than the local Bi Lo, there is no customer service to speak of. They false advertise by displaying items they do not actually have for sale and if you can actually find an employee to ask they are nasty and rude.

I will BOYCOTT Wal mart and everyone I know will know about the shameful way this store is and how deplorable the people are that work there.Im ashamed to have this store in the town in which I reside in....its an embarrassment. Shame on you Wal mart!


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Orange, California, United States #912112

Also the fact that all the "different" replies posted on the same day makes me wonder if the OP posted the supporting reviews herself, it would not be the first time this happened, as a matter of fact it is happening right now where a parent claimed to verbally abuse her young children. Then she said someone else made that post and created several accounts to defend herself.

She kept messing up and got caught posing on one account when she thought she was on another account. The fact that all her "supporters" say exactly the same thing and have the same response is not helping her any.

Orange, California, United States #912110

The six year old child that posted this should have asked her mommy or daddy what false advertising is before making a fool of herself and posting the review. False advertising is not running out of an advertised product, or not having it in stock.

Had this child shown mommy or daddy the flyer, or where ever they read the AD their parent could have explained to them and read the part where it says at "participating locations" Participating is a big word for a six year old to sound out, so mommy or daddy could have read that big word to her and explained what it meant.


Ditto on alll said. I go to the local Publix.


Much to agree with here. Im in the military.

Never have i seen such a disgrace of a Wal mart. Stores in 3rd world countries have looked better and their staff only makes $0.03 a day.


I agree Ive been to this store as well. They are the talk of the town and its NOT positive talk.

Their corporate CEOs should pay this store a visit and see the filthy rest rooms as well as the dressing rooms...are deplorable.

I no longer shop there. My family will not either.

to Anonymous Lakemont, Georgia, United States #911987

The bathrooms are all broken. Only one sink has water.

The door locks dont work and some are missing. The floor tile is coming up and cracked crumbling. The are using duct tape to hold papet dispensers together.

WTH this company makes millions of dollers in profit. They cant fix the rest rooms?

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