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I ordred a computer on-line from Walmart. Withing hours I received a confirmation of the purchase but indicated that the delivery was on a date that was later then the time I needed the item. I called Walmart on- line cust.svce and told them to cancel the order. I was told it was to late to cancel but transeferd me to the third party seller - who does not have a direct listed phone number - and I was told the item was already on load for delivery by Fed Ex. I called Fed Ex and they told me they will have the item return to the seller. A few days later Fed Ex came to my home with the delivery. I told them of my request. The Fed Ex person confirmend with their office about the cancellation but was never notified. I did not accepted the item and Fed Ex took it back to the seller. They received on 10/10/15 and signed by a receiveng agent.

Today is 10/19/15 and I called Walmart Cust. Svce. whe then transfered my to the Dallas Corp office. After I explained in minute details my story - Walmat had billed my Amex Card within 24 hrs of my order - They told me that they have not received any refunds from their 3rd party seller and I would have to wait for a credit to my account until Walmart gets their money back.

This is the problem here as I see it...

Walmart acted as a "Front" for this seller and collected the money showing a Walmart charge in my Credit Card. Since they collected the money it is their responssability to returned as a credit to my Amex card. The fact tha they have not received a refund from their 3rd party seller is a problem between them and that seller. I was not involved in any transctions with the 3rd part seller. WAlmar will not return any money until this 3rd party give them the credit back. Lesson learned. Do Not Deal With Walmart on ANY web site

purchases. Unless you can find the item at their local store Stay Away from their On-line sales.

Amazon - who just surpassed Walmart as the top retailer will back up any of their retailer and returns the cost back to the customer immediately regardless of the delay in getting the credit back from the 3rd party seller. That is why they are now the No. 1 retailer in the market place.


Walmart and

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $271.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Communication.

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If it's not sold by Walmart themselves, stay away, I bought two pairs of leggings. Neither is like the leggings in the photo.


Yes Everyone needs to be aware of what they are doing now!! Do not buy things on unless you are sure what the retail price should be!!!

Major scamming going on!!! I had something my cart and went back in the next day to find the price jumped!!! They AUTOMATICALLY switched to the 3rd party seller!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY did they not just say 'out of stock'???

I think walmart is heading towards lawsuits!! Some of their actions are not legal and I hope it gets looked into..


Bought a 55 inch TV from Walmart and it came through a third party

we opened the box that showed no damage to the box and the TV screen looked like some one had steeped in the middle and destroyed the screen now were having trouble getting it picked up and some one taking responsibility 11-19-17

I don't know what kind of scam Walmart is running hear but were out 700 bucks and I don't know what the next step we should take we did everything they requested but its still laying on the kitchen table and it has been a week now and nothing but several Hrs, on the telephone


I ordered a 12 game console for grandkids for Christmas

They said it would be delivered 3 days before Christmas . A week after Christmas Walmart said the shipper had picked it up.

The shipper said they never got an order. Three weeks after Christmas the grandkids got their game. Never again will I use them for shipping items on time.

I later found out it was to be delivered from the Walmart less than a mile from their home. You live and learn


Maybe you should look who it is fulfilled by and the TOS