Concord, New Hampshire

Don't you just love it when Walmart empolyees try to pull a fast one over your eyes. I tried to purchase items by using a company check.

The cashier tried to endorse the check with the machine for 20 minutes. After waiting so long, I was told that they don't take company checks and called the police on me and told them that I was trying to buy items with a stolen check.

I told the police that I used a company check last night at the same store. The dumb cashier added $200 more than what I spent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Did anyone ever think that maybe this person owns the company ? lol


If you meant a paycheck and you work there, you would know to go to their check cashing counter customers also use. You would also know that have to pay a fee there!

Adding $200 dollars, would be a cash back amount added by YOU, Not a cashier unless she was particularly good at her job. 20 minutes was not the cashier's fault, that was to her credit, most likely following her boss's orders to keep you til the cops show up! You brag that you did this the night before? You steal a checkbook from your boss/company, then cash a check once, then are *** enough to try it again and blame the cashier that is EARNING A LIVING!

WAL-MART HAS VIDEO CAMERAS! Then you have the nerve to be surprised when the police show up.

There is no such thing as a smart criminal, -Here is the proof! Unbelievable!


wow lady,,, they would have not called the *** police if your *** wonted trying to use a check that was not yours!! what u need to do is go get a job and stop stealing from hard working people...if you used a check the night before why did your dumb *** go back couldnt help yourself huh??


What! That is weird and crazy.

What do you mean added $200 more. i thought they didn't use the check.