Rockingham, North Carolina
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My name is Brandon i have been shopping at walmart for over 10 yrs and i have bought a vaccum cleaner from there the other day and when i brought it home it didn't work so i took it back to exchange it...well the young wiman had an attitude when i got to the counter cause her and her boyfriend just had an arguement well i asked her if i could just exchange the vacuum. and she told me no cause i have openef it well i asked to speak to the management.

and she said she was the management.

and i asked her wad there someone else that i could speak to and she said no you cracker just take your stuff and leave.... i want to know how is this fair to me and what action could be done about this

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It's possible your telling the truth... the way you see it.

Whenever I see a post mentioning a bad attitude, it can be assumed that the entire story is not being told.

Now, we all realize that the poster is always a perfect angel, on there best behavior, and that the 'evil' employee is 'out to get them'.

It would be interesting to get the story from both sides.

Understandably, one would be upset by needing to return a defective item to the store. No need to show an attitude to the employee at the service counter.


you can just call them and ask which manager is on duty to make sure you dont get her then to speak to the dif. manager, and if that doesnt work try calling their headquarters.


Its fair to you because you're lying. This didn't happen.