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I do not have the time or energy to go into all the details of my experience with Walmart in Valparaiso however, the worst part of it all is that Ken, the store manager, called me back to satisfy his company's requirement to do so and he spoke to me in a questioning way, as if I was being dishonest about my experience. My experience would have been caught on security camera tape and I told him to review this.

He stated that he would and he never called me back. I spent over 1/2 hour speaking to him as he told me that what happened to me was 'strange', 'unusual', 'hmmmmm'... etc. If I would have known that I would have been the one being questioned, instead of an unstable employee, I would never have contacted Walmart to let them know about my concern.

Thanks Ken for making it very clear that you couldn't care a less about the customer. It was the strangest, most demeaning display of psuedo-customer service I have ever been a part of. Oh, and Ken, everything I stated was absolutely true and it is very unfortunate that you decided to take the 'easy' way out and try to turn the bizarre situation on me rather than to deal with it like a true manager. Hope you move on to a lesser job so that your aptitude will be sufficient for the job requirements.

BTW - I am reasonably confident his name was Ken but it has been a while now and I cannot say for 100 percent. He stated that he was the Store Manager.

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I am Yeah and the poster and I only made this up about Ken to get him fired because he fired me. I wish I could have said he sexually abused me before firing me but he had a witness when he was firing me so i could not.


I used to work there....Ken is a huge *** who thinks he's better than everyone...i know how you feel.


This is the dumbest complaint ever. You didn't even say what happened.

You got called into an office and blah blah blah. There is a big gap of information here.

You probably don't want to share it because you know you're wrong.