South Salem, New York
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I noticed money was missing on my reloadable walmart visa, I called and the transaction was peninding with an internet website, I told them it was not authorized,they assured me it would not be paid out and the money would be back on my card within 10 days.I called back the next day and was told it had been paid out i was flaming mad,I was then told they cannot stop any transactions that are unauthorized,So people know now Walmart visa allowed me to be robbed.They refuse to give me written proof of this crime, I also looked up this website that robbed me Mymovies-online in Germany and its not a real company. I made walmart visa aware of this,Waslmart visa does not protect your money in anyway,they told me to monitor my acct daily,yet in the same breath told me nomatter who submits charges they cannot stop the payment,then you cant get proof from them to fight it and if you call and you are disconnected they also refuse to transfer your call WHAT THE****...Walmart visa cusuermer service is so poor that not one person I spoke to said the same thing.Anybody can charge your card and get away with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $56.

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