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Walmart finally resolved my complaint today (12/22/2015) after MANY telephone calls and email communications with the Customer Service. My complaint was finally bumped up to Walmart Executive Escalations because of my emails the President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart Carl Douglas McMillon and other high ranking executives at Walmart which I included a link back to this website where I posted my complaint/review of Walmart.

Well it caught there attention and quickly got my issue/complaint resolved. Thank you for this website in which we have a place to be heard and noticed. I also want people to know who read this that they should keep pursuing their valid complaint and not give up, try ALL means of written and verbal communications to get your issue/complaint resolved. Businesses do not like getting valid bad reviews about their products and services.

To be fair, Walmart did resolve my issue/complaint in an amicable way but I hope that nobody else has to go through what happened to me, (9) phone calls with being on hold for an extended period of time, waiting for calls back that never came until I had to reach out again and call, and over 14 emails.

Things didn't get resolved until I was contacted by a Walmart Sr. Executive Escalations Specialist on late Sunday night (yes, Sunday night!) that started the REAL process to get my issue/complaint resolved, but in the end, it was resolved.

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If I could give it a "Failing-NO STARS", I would. I ordered this $100 Visa Gift Card from Walmart on 12/5/2015, I cannot go to the store because I am in a wheelchair and physically handicapped.

I ordered this as a gift for Christmas. Walmart stated that I would receive it by 12/13/2015 (Don't understand this, because you can order $1,000 LED TV and get it within three days via FedEx or UPS). Walmart shipped it FedEx Smartpost which then was turned over to the USPS for delivery. When I didn't get it by the date I keep checking the shipping status via the website and the date of delivery keep changing.

I received an open envelope yesterday from Walmart which was supposed to contain my Visa Gift Card, the gift card was missing but the receipt was still in the ripped envelope. I was ripped off! I called Walmart and was given so many different answers and supervisors to speak to, but could not resolve the problem and stated that they couldn't ship out a replacement guaranteeing by Christmas delivery, yet if you go on their website today 12/19/2015, they guarantee if you purchase anything from them they will have the item delivered by Christmas! I was also told by Walmart Customer Service Rep Brea to physically go to a Walmart and buy my gift card there, WHAT?

I WISH I COULD, I CAN"T WALK OR GET OUT! I AM PHYSICALLY DISABLED! What a *** answer! Somebody at the shipping department at Walmart is a thief and knew that there was a Visa Gift Card inside the envelope.

Walmart should do an "INTEGRITY TEST" on their shipping department employees with the Visa Gift Cards. This is a scam by inside employees of Walmart at the shipping department! Now I don't have my Visa Gift Card to give as a gift on Christmas! Walmart Customer Service is horrible in correcting this problem.

I would NEVER recommend Walmart online to purchase a Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards, use Target, they ship it more securely and you get it within three days. Also I put a dispute in with my credit card company and will NOT have to pay for this charge, it is Walmart's fault for not shipping this item securely. People use your credit card to make purchases, you are protected from fraud like this. Also DO NOT purchase ANY gift cards from Walmart online, it is NOT secure.

I am also writing a letter of complaint to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart Carl Douglas McMillon as well as filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Walmart Visa Gift Cards are a RIP-OFF!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $106.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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We have purchased gift cards for our students, and some of the funds were already spent before we had time to hand them out to the students. We live in Northern California, and they were used in Southern California.

And of course, they were the $100 Visa gift cards. Three of the cards were replaced and reloaded, but there is still one card that is waiting replacement. I too have sat on the phone waiting for an hour for someone to pick up, but on hold to the high volume of calls. I've called seven different times and no luck.

I've written a letter to the address in Pasadena, but would really like to write to the President of the company. Does anyone have the address to such person.


Write them an email at this address, ( ) this what I used. I hope you get this resolved with them and don't get discouraged. If you don't get results, file an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau.