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I had purchased a WalMart Visa Debt card this August, I live in nursing home so I'm careful on what I buy. In October, I noticed I was being charged for a product I didn't order. First time only $5.00 for a green-tea, I did call to inform them I didn't want their product, because it would probably interfere with my medication for my MS and seizures and the NH doesn't allow residents to have any medication that the doctor didn't order. Next $14.95 for something I never figured out what it was for.

Later that month I was charged $38.00 from the company for green-tea, I called and they said I didn't notify them in the 30 days. I let that slide by thinking well they are notified now so I won't hear anymore from them.

The next month, I was charged $44.00 for green-tea by another company. On 11/24, was Thanksgiving, so I called the next day and it was a different company and they said they weren't notified. During all of this I had pleaded with Visa to put a hold on my account due to the fact it seemed to be compromised. Of course, they refused, so I closed my account and wrote a formal complaint and mailed it off to Monrovia Ca. Plus I kept in touch with Visa by phone.

I received 12/19 the answer, where Visa agreed with the companies. I really didn't believe that the average person has a chance, and I believe I should be happy I only lost what I did. The only problem I bought the card so I could purchase products for my computer which my family bought me for my MS wouldn't ravage my mind. Now, what else can I do to stop this from happening again if I decide to get another card? And is there anything else I can do to get any of the money back?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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Google Walmartstores and click on Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Click on Contact Us in the top right hand corner.

Go down to Credit Card Services and there's a toll free number that you can call for questions about your Visa card. The person will ask you to press 1 for account balance and transaction history. They'll ask you to press 2 if your card is lost or stolen. They'll ask you to press 3 if you want to convert your card to a reloadable money card.

They'll ask you to press 4 if you have any questions. You may have to dispute the charges against Walmart. Go to the merchant or call customer service (which is also listed on the page given above) and give them your name, your card, or whatever...

That's if you should have this problem again or if anyone else has this problem. I called this number and pressed 4; that's how I got this information.