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I recently went to our Walmart Vision Center -- for some reason, a number of employees who work at our location don't have very adequate people skills.

I first went in (after having a third occurrence of broken frames (replaced two myself, this one I thought "I am not paying for another set of frames for these glasses" - and was told that they didn't have them in stock, but would order them. Fine -- we did that, and the person (manager) indicated she'd replace them --

They hadn't called (or didn't receive any type of message that they were "in" -- but went on the hope that they just might've gotten in, and I'd be lucky enough to be able to get them - which was the case, but only after the manager looked in their computer "smart" system to see what was what. *I noted the frames looked to be "in stock" today -- last time "come here, I'll show you I'm not lying" -- (what an odd statment to make!) -- and there would be more statements like this!

Today, she indicated that it was (let's say $9) to replace the frame - I did let them know that as they stated last time, they were going to replace them (she now indicated that they were slightly over a year old, vs. two months (she saw Oct. in her system) -- all I know is I remember getting them recently, whether it was a year, or months ... they weren't very old, I'll tell you that! So this time she tells me I should have known how old they were, and she wouldn't have replaced them if she had paid more attention and said to me "well, won't happen again, shame on ME" and I hear her muttering to others as she sets off to work on getting the lenses in the new frame. She simmered down after that, but I have to say, I actually told her I wasn't there to argue with her about anything, just wanted my frames. She seemed to be in an state where she wished to bicker, though! It was one of the oddest exchanges I'd ever had with a customer service rep, EVER! And, I will remove my business from there

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I bought 3 pc video games for 110 $ they were within spec to run on my gameing sys. but each one ran slow and did not funtcion properly.I tried to return them ( it even states on ther web page they will a take video game returns ) 2 people there tell me that I cannot return them because of copyright laws but I can exchange them for the exact ones i purchased, whats wrong with this picture.

first what do ya think i am some kind of hacker and 2nd if the first 3 didnt work why would the 2nd set 11 billion dollar business and they cant part with my 110$ also spent 700$ on eye care still cant see ***. will see if I can get a refund for that and see a real eye doctor

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