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I brought my own brand new designer frames in and asked if they could fit them with lenses. They said no problem.

The cost would be $80 per lens and a $20 processing fee, for a total of $180. After I gave them my money it was nothing but trouble. The first week I got a call that the lenses had to be sent back due to quality issues. The second week I drove to pick them up only to find out that it was the wrong prescription.

The next week I got a call that the lenses came in too big. Two weeks after that I was told that they were in, went down to pick them up, only to find that the lenses were full of debris and when one of the attendants cleaned them up they ended up scratching the lenses due to the poor lens cutting job.

By this time I had had it. I must have spent over $30 in gas driving back and forth across the county over the month and a half they had my frames. The manager's reasoning (Andrel) for giving me a refund was that she was having to eat all the costs on these lenses and it was not worth it to her.

Never mind that NONE of this was my fault. The manager was more interested in the bottom line than customer satisfaction. So, I went in to return the lenses yet again and the manager was not in. The vision attendant (Amanda) was extremely uncooperative and told me that she could not give me a refund because the manager was out to lunch and that I would have to wait for 30 minutes.

I then asked her to call another manager to which she replied that another manager would not be able to help me. I then *insisted* that she call a manager to which she snidely replied, "I really don't understand what the problem is with the glasses." Ummm, do they *train* these people in customer service??? Once again, I insisted on speaking to a manager. She picked up the phone and told me that there was no other manager in.

So, I got up, walked down to customer service, and low and behold, there I found a manager!! Imagine that? A manager in a store! The manager was extremely sympathetic and issued me a refund of $160, to which I interjected that I paid $180.

Amanda, the lazy, unhelpful attendant piped in that $20 was a non-refundable processing fee. To which I responded, "for what? Are you saying that I should pay you for holding my frames for a month and a half and continually putting in defective lenses???" Thank goodness the kind manager was still there and promptly refunded me the additional $20. So, for all that hassle I lost $30 in gas, hours in time, gained a high degree of frustration, and got my $250 designer frames back with scratches and off-kilter hinges which I am uncertain can be repaired.

Everything they say about the Walmart Vision Center is true.

They suck!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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If you are in a rush or have a absolute need for Eye Wear.

Do Not go to Walmart. The average time from eye exam to making the glasses is at least 3 weeks.

In some cases 6 weeks.

I think it is because of the mass amount of people that go there, for cheap glasses and contacts.

@Jack Brown

Oh come on-Glasses take 1 week to get in. Not sure which vision center you go to, but Ontario Oregon is wonderful.


it is true walmart is very slow in completing orders.


I dealt with Sandy in Waynesboro Walmart - most unprofessional person Ive ever dealt with in 30 years! I was scheduling an appt.

and she said they do not take my insurance, I called my insurance just to verify and was confirmed that indeed they I called back to make the appt and that woman hung up on me 2 times, guess she did not like being proven wrong! they've lost my business.


I feel your pain,i bought my glasses about 3 weeks ago,the dr sent me to see a neuro dr bc i have had double vision for about 6 month's...and told me the new glasses probably wouldn't help,so then why did they sell them to me??

Went to the neuro dr...and lo and behold my double vision has nothing to do with my nervous system,i have astigmitism.

He said he was going to write the dr a nice little letter about getting more educated.And wasted $150 of my parent's money

Now i either have to see about them redoing the lens and get a refund bc the neuro dr said that i would probably have to wear contact's or lasek surgery.


Let me explain to you how horrible not only davis vision is but wal mart vision center in general is.

Wal mart uses a billing system known as the wire guide. this wire guide bundles things together that you wont need to get otherwise. You think your going to pickup those poly lenses for 30$. No. They will hit you with "scratch coat" and ultraviolet coating.

First let me explain to you that scratch coat is a non exsistent coating. It's not real. It's not a coating at all, you cant peel it. Your lenses are made SCRATCH RESISTANT. DO NOT PAY FOR SCRATCH COAT. all it will give you is a 1 year warrantee, and trust me they are made to be resilient for that entire year.

2nd. Ultraviolet coating is necessary. BUT, if you dont want it you shouldnt have to pay for it. HOWEVER, going to wal mart? Want poly lenses? You will be paying for poly, uc, and scratch, because they cant bill it otherwise.

Ideally, insurance is supposed to force providers into a special arrangement where they generally accept a lower payment from you and the insurance company for a steady supply of consumers.

Wal Mart does this and charges you the difference which is technically illegal and fraudulent. Their employees watch a 30 minute video and follow the wire guide.

Stay the *** away from Wal Mart vision center and Davis Vision

@I work for Davis Vision

The Wire guides that you mentioned were - (they are no longer used because everything is set up to auto-allocate based on Davis Vision and Wal-marts contracts) printed documents provided to Wal-mart by Davis Vision that show what is and is not covered or what is to be discounted, for each plan available that Wal-mart accepts.

I would also like to mention that all of our lenses are coated with a scratch coating that we do not charge the patient for. -- in fact, when doing an order for non insurance or insurance, the coating is not listed on the order anywhere because our lens blanks are pre-coated. --- yes coated. (I believe you may be confusing that with AR coating, which yes, can peel do to a wide variety of things if not properly cared for, such as extreme heat, hair care products such as hair spray getting on the lenses, cleaning your lenses with a paper towel or when the lenses are dry, or cleaning your glasses with chemical such as windex) And anyone buying polycarbonate lenses should always add scratch coatings to their lenses -- they are easier to scratch than plastic lenses without it.

I would also like to mention that our Polycarbonate lenses do not come with a UV coating on them, nor can you add UV to the order (system is set up to prevent it) because Polycarbonate material naturally absorbs UV rays, making it unnecessary to coat the lens with it.

And ideally, VISION insurance is supposed to give patients the ability to get a frame that fits/looks well, and to pay for or discount lens options their RX may call for, but also that go hand in hand with their lifestyle (what type of job or hobbies that they have)


Horrible O.D. Tried to overcharge me.

Make sure you do your homework before you go to the place, you should make sure what you are entitled to by your vision insurance before you go. If you can go to another place that accepts your insurance avoid the Walmart Vision Center in Old Bridge, the O.D is nasty but the staff is good.


My husband recently ordered his new glasses through WalMart on Miller Lane and they did a fantastic job! His frames and lenses were moderatley priced and he(we) couldn't be happier.

Give them another chance, Amanda isn't there anymore!


@ Betsy who are you to call people pathetic because theyre telling about bad service they received? Just because you say your experience was good doesnt mean the vision center is!

You may have been a \"no brainer\" case... And AMBEr if you work @ walmart vision center...YOUR PATHETIC! Walmart is losing its ^^^! Duuuuhhhh!!!

Pay attention!

Oh thats right they keep you in the dark, dont they, just like the vision center! Numbers dont lie!




They gave my daughter one prescription for contacts and another one for her glasses. We freaking thought she was going blind.

They wait on 7 people at once and screw up everything. And after the 3rd screw up said sorry it was busy after lunch (at 400 pm?? -- haha) WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THEM in Dayton, Ohio on Miller Lane!!!

:? :(

@Donna W

The prescriptions for glass and contacts usually are different. I hope your O.D.

Explained that to you.

That doesn't mean they did anything wrong. Educate yourself.


Got my eyes examined for them to give me contacts that helped me absolutely none> I travel and is hard for me to have a regular optomytrist. They were going to make me pay for another exam whem i just paid for an exam 2 wks prior. Never,never again.


i went to walmart to get glasses and contacts!

the first 2 pairs of tacts i couldn't see out of and this 3rd pair sucks too!they said my glasses would be there in 5-7 days it took 2 weeks!and they make me dizzy and everything i see is rounded and looks far away! in a couple days i have to go back(for the 5th time)for a follow up!

i think i'm going to ask for a refund! a paid 400+ bucks for this %%$#@!!!


I've had good experiences with the Little Rock Wal Mart Vision center. I think it depends a lot on the store. The people there have always been very nice and helpful, and have replaced a pair of glasses my daughter broke and some scratched lenses at no charge.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


I have never had a problem with Walmart Vision Centers, and I have used them for over 3 years. I am sorry that some of you had a bad experience.


I wrote earlier (25-05-2010 08:01) and I'm happy to report the Wal-Mart Vision Center in Marion, Indiana did replace my glasses. It took me two weeks of steady complaining about it, but in the end they took my glasses back, refunded the money, and made a brand new pair. Besides the new pair costing less money, they are what I hoped for in bi-focal reading glasses.

Recap: originally I went in for an eye exam and sought bi-focal reading glasses. I allowed myself to be talked into full glasses (distance as well as reading insert no line bi-focals). I really, really *could* *not* see well with those glasses, but the Vision Center insisted I needed a two week period to adjust to them.

I learned two lessons here:

(1) Depite it being inside the Wal-Mart, the Wal-Mart Vision Center is *not* discount priced.

(2) They are on a mission to sell you glasses. If you are counting on "professionals" to guide an un-informed consumer, you will be misled. As with any doctor (or similar) office, the patient must be firmly insistent to ensure they, the patient, get what they need.

I'm very happy my local Wal-Mart Vision Center replaced my glasses which I could not use with a pair that suits my needs.

Next time I will seek eye glasses elsewhere.


if you read these complaints then you will see that the consumer has no idea what they are talking about. The only reason why your lenses ould be thicker is if you went with a cheaper option or did not want any out of pocket expense