Clifford, Pennsylvania
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I bought a tablet from for my daughter in August. It gave us problems from day one.

The only solution was to repeatedly set it to manufacturer settings and it would work for a little while, then go back to the same old problems: couldn't log on to my daughter's profile, multiple programs refusing to run, etc. This is why i purchased the extra warrenty just in case., the manufacturer, and the Wal-Mart care plan line all refuse to refund me for a malfuctioning paper weight of a tablet.

It feels like I've been scammed by them and I will never buy a product from them agai. I'm sorry Wal-Mart, your policies, customer service practices, and your overall treatment of customers sucks; there is not any way we can help you further.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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If you have had problems SINCE you bought it, WHY didn't you take it back immediately, instead of waiting over a year to do anything about it. Don't blame Wal-Mart for your incompetence.


Sorry, this was August 2014. I forgot to mention that.