West Plains, Missouri
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I saw an ad on line for a site to store purchase that had a 55" vizio led tv for $198 dollars. I purchased 2 of them with extended warranty.

I got an email receipt for this showing the description of $198 per tv plus the extended warranty. Description showed 55" Vizio LED Model M550SV. I later got another email stating that the ad was an error and when I checked the ad was changed to Item not available at this time even though walmart stocks this brand in store. Yes it's a great deal.

They paid someone to advertise this on the web site (it wasn't hacked into). I finally got my money back for the service warranty. Why aren't they responsible for what they ligitmately advertise???

If they overcharge, they don't call me and send me money at home. I'll get it back....one way or another.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Do you have a copy of that receipt you can email me?


55 inch tvs going for $198 you shd have ordered at least a half dozen for that price...


Errors on pricing happen all the time, stores are under no obligation to honour an incorrect price.

You had to of known upon purchase the price was too good to be true, and so it was.

The webmaster made a mistake, the error was corrected. Yes you didn't get two deeply discounted TVs, however wal-mart did not do anything unethical.


Looser...work harder and make some real money if u want a TV like that.

If you are looking for a price like that ask a crackhead maybe he just broke into my home and got it for free.


You knew *** well a 55' TV doesn't sell for $200.


Stores do not have to honor pricing errors. Sorry, no lottery win for you.

So you found a price that you knew was too good to be true.

You try to take advantage and when they cancel the transaction, you're mad? Why? Because you can't rip off the store and jack up prices for the rest of us.

You make me sick. You are probably one of those consumers always looking to get something for nothing.