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NO change in status. Still a problem.

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2013

Walmart has heavy advertising touting their "Vudu" on-line conversion program. It doesn't work, refusing to recognize or convert any and every DVD I attempted, whether it be DVD, Digital, or Blu-ray.

Every one returned an error message "You may take your DVD to Walmart to have it converted." I called my local Walmart Super Store. The woman working in the Photo Dept. had no clue as to what to do. Later that same day, I was actually in the store and went to the dept.

The Associate (a man this time)...told me to bring in all of the movies I wanted to convert, and they will send them out to a 3rd party company that does it for them, and (here's the good news) - it would take "two to three weeks to have it done and returned." I then called Walmart's tech support, who attempted to tell me the job is done right there in the store and...I cut him off at this point, repeating what I just wrote, and telling him knock it off. I know precisely what was said to me and wouldn't have him attempting to tell me otherwise. At that point, he stated the Vudu program is still in BETA stage and has some issues, but I was still welcome to go to the store and have it done there, the "Associate was wrong to tell you that." So, Walmart put bugged software on the street, it doesn't work, Store Associates are sending customer's DVD's to a 3rd party company to do what their on-line Vudu prog. is supposed to do, and isn't telling anyone about this little glitch.

I'm 100% disabled. I use a powered chair and cane to ambulate. A trip to Walmart is an 'event' for me, not a two minute dash into the "quick stop" corner store.

Sucking me into the promise of on-line convenience, then trying to make little of it via misdirection, is as bogus as any 'bait and switch' operation I've ever seen. CAVEAT EMPTOR - You've been warned.

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