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I went to Walmart to buy a laptop but they didn't have a single one! I asked a employee if I could buy a floor display and a manager came over and said I could.

They just had to unlock it from the display and some money would be taken off the price because the back was going to have a big mark and it was as is, I was fine with that. Instead of watching them unlock it , I said I would be right back. Every 20 to 30 mins I went back to see if it was unlocked. A few times nobody was there so I ether found a employee or had someone call a manager and then wait for them .then hear them all say " we are trying to find the key".

After two hours I was so fed up so a manager named Adam took my name and number and said they would call me when they got it unlocked but it would be long. So I left and that was the last day I have talked to a manager. Today is Saturday and I have called everyday and every time I call the manager is outside. I left 6 messages and one message on the 1-800 number but nobody called me!

I called the 1-800 number again today but all they do is take a message too! So today I called the store and the manger answered.....WOW....the manager said to me that he didn't know this was time sensitive and that they couldn't get the big metal piece off the back. So if I still wanted it, it was the same price but the as-is warranty changed to as-is with a big metal block on the back!

I will never shop there again and where do you get these managers. If he would have told me this three days ago, I would have saved money and time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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instead of wasting yours and the stores time --- go someplace else and buy a laptop. how is this classified as a $300 monetary loss when you didn't spend any money?