Machesney Park, Illinois
Not resolved

25-30 people waiting in line for 2 cashiers. Associates wandering around laughing, joking. Unacceptable.

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It is possible that the associates were on their break or lunch or maybe perhaps they were off for the day. Not every associate is register trained so they can't just jump on a register without being trained first.

You shouldn't make assumptions. Sometimes cashiers call out and that happens often, leaving the store short handed. Walmart is not forcing you to shop there or stand waiting in line.

You have a choice to leave....problem solved. Wasn't that an easy solution?


He can't leave because he is five years old and his mommy takes him shopping. He should go no where without her permission.


Then leave the line, most likely you go shopping there because you don't want to spend 20 cents extra at Target, sure they have less lines, but you would have to pay 20 extra cents. If they had everyone at the registers you would be complaining no one is on the sales floor, no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to stay there to save 20 cents you made that decision yourself.

It is not like you are forced to shop there every week. Why not splurge and spend an extra 20 cents at Target.