Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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I do not like Walmart layaway after my last experiance it has soured me on Walmart as well. I went to rretrieve a layaway the bill totaled $103.16 and I gave the cashier $110.16.

She then informed me that she was going to put my change on a shopping card. I then said that made no sense at all I wanted my cash back. She said this is how Walmart insures you spend your money in their store I say shame on you Walmart you lost a customer. I then gave her 105.16 and said get me a member of management after the manager came up I got my change finally.

I then called complaint center they said a supervisor would call me right away.....that was a week ago. I will go to KMart from now on you all can embezel someone elses funds......A very unhappy customer :(

Monetary Loss: $103.

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it seems to me that walmart is being run like a sweat shop.Work as fast as you can for pay below minimun wages and be smiling and happy all the time when you need money.I heard on the radio yesterday that walmart was going to get a raise next year,but what about this year?


Sounds like maybe a cashier was trying to earn a few extra bucks, which may be why you got your change so quickly when management showed up.


There is something here that isn't being told.


The dirty bathroom! Do not use!


Did I miss something? What does the bathroom comment have to do with the above complaint?? You have added less than zero value -- Is this a joke?