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Complaint: Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

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Last march, I purchased an Acer Aspire1 at Wal-mart. Walmart knew that this was a fraud. Acer Aspire is a rinky *** company and the warranty is worse than worthless. Walmart knew this full well. Walmart only has a 15 day warranty on the computers that they sell. Acer Aspire is a rinky *** company. Firstly, I had to register a serial number 23 digits long before they would even look to confirm that my computer was on warranty!! Then they denied that I had submitted the correct serial number. After 12 !!!!!!!!!! e-mails, customer "service" finally acknowledged that I had submitted the correct serial number.

I kept asking them for their local outlet so that I could take the laptop in and get it working again. First, they asked a bunch of idiotic questions. After a month, they finally answered my question by stating that I had to send the computer to houston, Texas!!! What kind of prompt, local, cheerful service is that? One of the customer "service" representatives attempted to lie, stating that I had dropped the laptop and that's why it is all dark!! Another rep said to mail it in. I said what good would it do to mail at my own expense only to have you LIE and refuse to fix even though it is on warranty and it is dark through no sin of mine own. Acer knows they sell defective products. "Ferns" began to show after I only had the computer for 4 months. Then dark blotched showed. I abused the laptop in no way.

But the focus of blame goes to abominable Walmart. Walmart, even when I pointed all of this out to the "manager", refused to refund as a decent public relations gesture. They said the walmart "warranty" had expired. So!!!! What good is a 15 day warranty?!! Walmart knows that they deal deliberately with evil companies whose "warranties" are worse than useless. Imagine a warranty wherewith you have to mail the part in AT THE CUSTOMER'S EXPENSE!! Walmart is to be shut down for violation of trade, dishonoring their promises, deceitful public relations, etc. To date, no restitution from Walmart anti-mart.

E R "Rocky " Drake



Monetary Loss: $313.

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I bought the Acre Aspire at Wal-Mart as well. However, the only problem I have had with it is when it fell over and the screen broke internally, which was my fault.

I had the 2-year extended warranty sent it in and had my laptop back in about a week good as new. I use my Aspire for development pretty heavily and I'd say its a pretty good computer for the price.


I sent my computer off for repair at the beginning of September and here it is the end of October and I have yet to recieve my computer back. I have called numerous times trying to find out why it was taking longer (than what they told me) ten days.

Come to find out the computer repair was complete on the sept. 30th and I have yet to recieve my computer. They told me they were having trouble finding the tracking number. So I guess they have lost my computer!

I will never deal with walmart's extended warranty every again!

I am giving them 3 days to find or replace my computer or I will be taking further actions! :( :(


i sent my ps3 into walmart for repair, they sent is back and it crashed. i sent it back and they refunded me 533.93 and i got a new one with no problem. plus i got a bonus 250 dollars ***!


I had a similar thing happen to my PS3. I bought it for 399.00 and I also paid for the extended warranty.

They told me that this warranty comes into effect after Sony's manufacture warranty expire in a year. I thought it was a great deal getting a total of a three year warranty. A month ago my PS3 refused to start. It had gotten the infamous YLOD.

I took it to the store expecting to walk out with a new one as I Had the receipt and all the papers of the warranty. I was told that I had to call the 800 number and they would send me UPS label to mail it to a service center in Tennessee. I did all this and i even had to drop the box of at the local UPS store as it was to big to fit in a drop box. They had my PS3 for about two weeks and I never received a phone call or email.

The PS3 shows up and i plug it in and it was still broken. I looked in the box and found a generic paper that had a bunch of boxes that said your warranty does not cover, bugs, accidental damage, water damage, and a few other. They had put a check mark in the accidental damage box on mine with no more information then that. I called the warranty company and they said I had to call the place that was suppose to fix it.

They told me that the mother board was broken. I said well fix it anyway I bought the warranty and she said it was voided because it was broke? She also told me that they sent pictures of the broken motherboard to the warranty company. Having two years of electronics education I decided that instead of throwing it away I would try to fix it myself.

During the process I took pictures of everything and there was nothing broken at all. The motherboard was fine. It was cheap solder used by Sony that had to be re-flowed to the CPU and GPU. I did this and put it back together and it works perfectly.

I sent the pictures to the warranty company a said where is the broken motherboard? Send me the pictures that you have so can compare them. He was more worried about telling me that since I fixed it myself that the warranty was void! I said good, you didn't fix it when it was not void.

Anyway the pictures never came so i called back and this time they said it was void due to unauthorized modifications. They could not tell me what that meant. They said they never told me it had a broken motherboard so they do not have pictures of it. I gave up.

Bottom line is they will find a reason to void your warranty, and if they can not they will make one up.

And if you prove they are lying they will just make up another to you get to the point and just say forget it. NEVER by warranties from Walmart.


I purchased a $600.00 lap top from a Michigan WAL MART STORE ABOUT 16 MONTHS AGO. I was told the extended warranty offered at $100.00 would cover just about anything including internal battery.

Now i need a battery replaced and wal mart refuses to even acknowledge my BBB complaint, my 17 telephone calls to corporate and simple choose to ignore me. If you were to call or visit a wal marts and ask about the extended warranty today, you will most likely hear the same lies which i was told “Batteries are covered and this is a great deal"

Batteries are not covered and almost all competitors extended warranties cover batteries except wal marts.



no retail outlet has more than a 15 day warranty. im sure they offered you an extended warranty and you passed.

acer does suck, they are horrible at best. when you buy electronics you should always research the product first. google it or the company. why dos walmart owe you anything or why should they perform a public service gesture.

if they do it once then everyone will want the same gesture. if you were not looking for a cheap laptop then why were you not at an electronics store like best buy? buyer beware! buy cheap get cheap.

send it in, it ends up in california and it takes 6 weeks or so.

you would have the same issue at all retail and electronic locations, dont blame walmart. sorry about your laptop.


No the blame goes to you. Did you research in to which company provided the exact product you needed? Did you look in to past customer satisifaction or problems? You like all the rest of the unwashed expect a company to bancrupt itself for your ignorance and stupidity.

What promises were violated. A 15 day store warranty is just that. There is no law on the books that say a store HAS to offer anything. You might expect it but you are not going to get it.

What idotic questions were asked? Maybe what the notebook was or was not doing? Maybe which OS? Maybe what hardware config? There is an industry wide standard for hardware repair or replacement. You expect a company to bend over backwards for a single customer? You are not that important.

I have owned 3 Acer notebooks and didn't have a single problem with repiars. then again I see a laptop as a very expensive tool and not like you a toy.

Grow upa nd act like an adult. You broke it.