Harker Heights, Texas
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I was at Walmart at 16:38 hours to buy wash cloth 4 each for $1.00 each, but the price showed $4.00 each in stead of $1.00 , The representative said she can only sell me on it one wash cloth for a dollar because Walmart made a mistake, the customer is always right your sign said one dollar. I've been very slighted because of the mistake you guys may

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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So what your saying is if a customer stuck a dollar sticker on a $300 television they should get it for the dollar? I hate people like you, and a 4 and a 1 do not look the same.


oh never mind it was some other shirts that was one dollar and these were four dollars but still i was mistaken because a one can easily look like a four on these price stickers especially for someone whose eyesite is not that great, but still even if i was mistaken the customer is always right, even if they lie or are wrong.


You are grossly misinformed. The customer is rarely, if ever, right.