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Today i was at your store in Martinsville, va.and before i was leaving i picked up a 5 dollars water proof case in front of a few people and one of them was yalls lp,so i went to the lawn and garden area and bought some top soil so i paid for it.well i was in a hurry so i grad up the top soul and the water proof case well i did know she did ring up the case and some i was headed to my car .so i throm everything in the front seat .so when i pulled out the parking place a cop pulled me made me get on the ground in front of everyone made me feel like dirty.and then i showed him the recipe for the top soil but she didn't ring up the was just a big misunderstanding. I had the money to pay for thr 5 dollars case.but no they charged me with shoplifting.

And the cop knew it was a mistake because the top soil and the case was in my front seat in plan site.if i was meaning to steal it i would of hide it ,and i wouldn't had picjed it up in front of 3 are 4 people including yalls L.p guy.and I and my family have been loyal customers. But the way i was done today was un called for

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You knew how much the top soil cost. You knew how much the case cost.

Simple math would have told you the amount due was not high enough. Check the receipt before you leave the store.

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