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There is a picture on this website of the parking lot with some Melenium zombie complaining about trucks parking in the parking lot. First and foremost , trucks bring everything, to every body, in every aspect of these inconsiderate peoples life's!

I have been a truck driver for 20 years and this kind of negitive *** is why this country is how it is today! Just so we are clear I am a patron of my beloved country and am not going to be a politically correct zombie, if you have never been away from your family for months and live in a box, to serve the public to make sure every one has what they need, you have NO idea what a life of a trucker is! Take the *** PICTURE DOWN, and the negitive comment, when your store needs trucks we don't need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is the reason I don't shop at wal mart unless it is apsolutly nesisary, this pic and comment should never have been able to be up on YOUR website this long, and who ever is incharge of this should be Reprimanded! Thanks, pissed of non customer!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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I can understand how upset you are, but could you please use spell check before posting your complaint?


Where's your bart simpson pic homo?


Not the pissed consumer member you are thinking of.

Pay attention to where that particular member is posting from. It is NOT somewhere in the U.S.