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I bought a Wii fit board online using my store credit card order number last Feb 1,2016 the shipment arrived Feb 8 2016. When we open and tried the board is not working. It doesn't turned on and my console cannot read the disk. So i went to Walmart Chula Vista in Broadway. The lady in Register told me that she cannot help me since the item i bought online is shipped on my home address and not pick up in store. I asked her why? She told me the system is not working with a bad attitude coz i keep asking for explanation? Since i bought the item thru walmart . Com? So i ask for the manager/ to cut it short she sent us to Walmart in National City. Only to found out that We cannot RETURN ANYTHING YOU BOUGHT FROM WALMART. com IN THE STORE. they said it come's from 3 RD PARty and i have to deal with the 3rd party for return even you bought the item from their own website snd u used their credit card!

So? Now i need to ship the item back to the seller i have to call the 3rd party and ask them to give me back my money and send me shipping label bring the item in UPS and wait for them to received the item and wait again for my money if ever they want to return since the walmart told me they dont have anything to do to help me since it's from the 3rd party? Really?

Please! Don't buy anything from this store and have it shipped in your house coz it's too complicated to return, they said it's their new policy. Where is the customer service in this store? And the manager from chula vista sent us to national city? She doesn't even know rules? She think only their system doesn't accept the online return?

And the item that they sent me is not working! And now i have this return hassle!

1. I used my walmart credit card.

2. I bought this from

3. When you order online there is NOTHING written there that we are dealing with the 3rd party and walmart doesn't have anything to do with your order!

4. WHY do we have to return the item to the 3rd party now?as i said i bought this from and i used credit card?

I will surely look for explanation with this problem. This is insane!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It told you this when you ordered the item, if you would have read it.