Englewood, Ohio
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WALMART STORE 5409 is by far the worst place to work and shop as a customer. I have been working there for a very longtime and the managers often times treat you like nothing.

Oftentimes i don't get my breaks and get yelled at by managers from departments other than my own. I have heard customers complain about the lack.of service from the frontend of the store. Walmart advertise that they price match any store in the area and its own website walmart.com. But in all actuallity they don't, if there is a price at another store they will literally call every store and search online for each and every item.

Overall i am very disappointed in the service and the management. Not every store is like 5409 in englewood ohio, and for this reason i am transfering from this store and never shopping there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: bad management and customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Hire managers with good people skills.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Management, Service, Long waits, Lack of stock.

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All yall extra comments need to go get a job or 2 and stop talking down to someone who is speaking up.


She is not speaking up, she is bring down others in her workplace. We are just telling this child the truth, if she does her job well she will not have problems.


Oh you poor baby, you get into trouble from managers because you do not do your job properly. Your job which you are paid to do.

The funny thing is you are accusing them of not doing their job when you are not doing a proper job.

Why else would other managers yell at you. Grow up, do your job and you will not have an issue.


It is your own fault for not standing up for yourself. If they are rude to you tell them to go to ***


You poor baby, complaining because you aren't a favorite of management. When you want price matching you are supposed to have the other stores ads with you.

Some cashiers will take the customers word for it and some won't. I have a hunch that depends on the customer, that particular person might have ripped the store off too often. I do know from experience that sometimes it depends on the type of item you want price matched and how low the bargain price is. As far as matching prices online goes, some of the in store merchandise is the same price as the online price and the things that are higher priced in the store, that is because the shipping is higher for it to get to the store.

Whether or not you get breaks will depend on how many hours you work. That is the law, and if you are working more hours that you think you should get breaks for, complain to your state's labor relation board. I once worked in a factory, standing in one spot for 12 hours, and got a total of one hour breaks for the whole shift.

It doesn't really matter what department the manager is from, they are still your supervisor. I think you are exaggerating a lot and I wonder how old you actually are, because you have an awful lot of childish sounding complaints.


if she is the age she is acting this store needs the labor board to check them out for hiring six year old minors. I like how she complains about how everyone else is doing a terrible job when in fact it is her doing the terrible job.