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On July 1st, I bought an Elite toaster oven with rotisserie from walmart.com. When the oven arrived, I set it up.

My youngest daughter (she was 13) decided to make toast. She dropped a slice on one of the heating elements, and it immediately caught fire. I noticed that there were no guards on the elements. Later that month, I was making hot wings, and used a hot pad to pull them out.

The pad touched the element and caught fire. I contacted walmart, and arranged to return the oven. They issued the refund, and sent me a link to print out a return label and shipping instructions. The link was a dead link.

I contacted them again, and again received a dead link. One more contact with another dead link. I then received an email that time had expired and they were going to again bill me for the oven. The cost was going to be $50.02, the total cost of the oven.

On December 2nd, they force billed my debit card for charges totalling $160.01 for this oven. I am desputing the charges, and have filed a complaint with the BBB. I have also filed a complaint with the Consumer Products Safety Commission about the oven. I have noticed that the website has labeled the oven as only being available in stores.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1075551

Your biggest mistake was in using a debit card instead of a credit card. Why would anyone use a debit card??

With a credit card, you don't pay if something like this happens. You dispute the charge and, in a situation like yours, you will prevail. With a debit card, your money is gone. Now you know.

This is how we learn. By the way, why in the world would anyone order online at WalMart?

to bobs2015 #1075974

Ok ...first of all you can dispute charges on a debit card and second not everyone has or wants a credit card! So how she paid for it doesn't matter..what matters is they need to stand behind the products they sell and the old saying "customers are always right" is still said around merchants.

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