I placed an order that site to store and it sent it to an store that over 30 minutes away from me! I ask for the store that is 2 minutes from my house.

The customer support site and doesn't work nor calling them!

I was told by the store employee that this happen all the time. Walmart needs to fix there site!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Impossible. You have to select your pick up location, and then you have to verify it before you even get to the payment screen.

If the item is not available either at or to be shipped to the store you choose, then it will suggest the next closest store to you. You still have to accept the store before you can pay.


Are you sure you entered the right location? They don't just send things to some random store.

I work in that area and have had people come in looking for orders that they have sent to a store 6 states away!

It might show available at your kical store but on the next screen show a different store so you have to change it and put in the new one. Always double check your order info before you submit the order.

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