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bought a product care plan ($25.00) from Walmart(Asurion.com) when I bought a bike on line from walmart. My bike broke down.

Called the 1-877-968-6391 number. First call was received courteously well. But they passed the buck by saying that manufacturer's warranty is still in effect and I should take care of the issue with the manufacturer. She said that she will send a $15.00 check to be used for shipping cost, which I objected since it will be much cheaper to get repaired locally.

Contacted manufacturer. They would not repair it but replace the broken parts and sent to me promptly. Manufacturer also suggested that I should take my bike to nearby Walmart so they can reassemble. Called 1-877-968-6391 again and asked if local Walmart will fix my bike with the new parts.

They said yes take the bike to a nearby Walmart. When I took the bike to a nearby walmart, of course the customer service person said that they do not do repairs or assemblies (although they do assemble many bikes)and will only take returns. For some reason my order number (internet purchase) was not in their computer system and they could not take the return. This did not sound truthful or the service person was not trying hard enough because I have returned one internet bought bike six month ago and bought smaller sized one again.

Any way back to the product care plan people.

I explained that local Walmart cannot help. They could not find local repair shop to repair my bike and told me that I should get a repair estimate and fax it to them for re-imbursement. The person (Ina) was nice enough to call me back and left the instruction on my voice mail. I got a repair estimate and fax it to a given number.

Waited a few days and called the 1-877-968-6391 to follow up. They said the fax number I was given was incorrect and need to refax to a different number. Could not tell if person named Ina existed. I got new fax number.

Tried to fax the estimate again to a new number and the fax would not go through. Kept printing error messages. I called the 1-877-968-6391 number again and got a neu number and a supervisor name (Julie). Even the new fax number was almost impossible to get through.

After several trial finaly fax went through. Following day I called the 1-877-968-6391 to follow up. They (Kylee) acknowledged that they received the fax. And said go ahead get your bike repaired then we will send you a check.

The old Check's in the mail ploy. I said send me the check first so I can bring it over to the repair shop. I said "If you are concerned that I will just keep the money make the check payable to the repair shop." NO it is not the way they do things was the answer. After so many run-arounds, how can I fall for the old Check's In The Mail promise?

I requested for Kylee's supervisor.

Charlres, Kylee's Sup was connected and kept repeating the mantra "I apologize but we cannot send the check first." I asked them why they could send a $15.00 Check right away after the first call (to wash their hads off this matter) but now it is so difficult to send another check for the REAL REPAIR? No good explanation.

He kept repeating the mantra "I apologize but we cannot send the check first." I asked for Charles's manager and Charles promised that Katrina will call me tomorrow to resolve the matter. (to be continued....)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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The company reasonably, and according to their TOS, said that they would not repair the product while it is still under manufacturer warranty.