When checking out at the local Walmart I attempted to price match an item using an advertisement from a store 45 miles away. I was told, after a complaint to Walmart's customer service, that the store manager has the option to set the price match limitations.

The limit at my local store is 25 miles, meaning I can price match with the local dollar stores, Kmart and Lowe's.

The advertisement running on National Television for the Christmas season leads you to believe that Walmart will price match any advertised price. I feel they are guilty of false advertisement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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Dude - one of the shittiest things about living in a small town is that walfart isn't within 25 miles... so, if I take my local ads there, no - they don't ad match.

maybe next time you'll pick up a cell phone and call before you assume... ***.

Orange, California, United States #929399

They are not guilty of false advertising, you need mommy or daddy to read you the full price matching before making a fool of yourself and saying this is false advertising.

Rice Lake, Wisconsin, United States #929318
Walmart in Rice Lake WI:
Slow moving, elderly, and disabled workers--Their jobs seem too difficult for them.
Very slow; long check out waiting.

Not enough check outs open. Too many crabby and down right rude check out clerks especially at the self check outs.

Glad we have more friendly grocery stores, and Shopko in our town. I've pretty much had it with our Walmart :(

Casa Grande , AZ Wal mart is false advertising.They make it very unclear.Their guidelines always change on a daily basis. This Wal mart store claims to price match locally.

But, no where does it claim what stores it will price match and wont. So far at this wal mart they wont price match ( food city, dollar general) which the stores are about 1 mile apart. On all the registers there is a note saying its the managers responsibility to have ads of the stores at the cashiers registers. None of the cashiers ever have any of the ads and tell you to bring in your own ads.

On the ad it said any pepsi 12 can product but when I got a diet pepsi 12 can product the cashier refused to price match it because the diet pepsi picture was not on the ad. it was a picture of the regular pepsi.


read the fine print at the bottom of the television screen. There are limitations. READ IT!


I also tried using ad matches from local stores and was told they do not do that?

well,the walmart stores in arizona did it why not in wisconsin?

I believe walmart is ine HUGE RIP OFF!


I worked at walmart for many years and at the store I worked at we didn't price match ANY other Walmart stores and you could only match other stores with an ad. 25 miles is pretty fair considering different areas are different in price. One area may be higher cost to live as another may be cheaper.

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