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walmart advertises swing set but then when you go by one they dont have one in stock and then they refuse to sale the display they say you have to order one and the swing set on display has been there over a year. I called to speak to manager she said sorry cant sell display.

I call the customer complaint and explain situation they say it is going to take 3 to 5 business days for someone to get back to me on the situation.

They can sell display items inside the store why cant they sell display items that are outside the store. Explain that to a 3 year old little girl

Monetary Loss: $130.

Location: Albany, Georgia

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Walmart supplies their own pens through the 99 supply line. Had you asked one of those dumb managers, they probably would have helped you.

-Dumb Walmart Manager


Why would you want something that has already sat outside for a year? Children have to learn that sometimes you have to wait.


Aside from the liability issue, how about the fact that a lot of time and work went into setting this swing set up in the first place. Imagine if a customer was allowed to buy the display model everytime a new one was put up.

People wouldn't have to assemble it themselves. They could just demand the display model and then the store would have to pay a worker to set up a new display model. This is exactly why the display model has been there for over a year.

By the way, an "outdoor" display model (such as a swing set or gas grill) is far different then an "indoor" display model (such as a T.V. or DVD player) when you start to factor in the labor cost of assembling.


honestly if you can't see the huge error in buying a display model swing set for your child....wow.


"Honey this swing isn't for sale" would be how I would go about it. But I suppose *** on here like a lunatic is another approach too.

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