Wilmington, Delaware
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I normally shop at this store since it is about 5 minutes from my house, but I have had ENOUGH with the ghetto attitudes the associates have in the store. Not only the associates but some of the "management" as well.

Walmart has some of the best prices but to put up with the ignorance of the staff i would rather spend more at Target. The associates stand outside in front of the store using foul language and smoking and it is VERY unappealing


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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sorry but the walmart on zaragosa in el paso texas is the worst, one of my kids accidentally opened up a bag of crackers and this security woman came and wanted his name and our address she said she would file a report, my 4 year old started crying, this woman should be fired!


While I agree that holding a four year old accountable for is wrong. I ask two questions.

How did he accidentally open up a bag of crackers? Where were you when he did this?


I was in the next ile, and he wondered off. He saw a package of his favorite crackers and opened it up because he was wanted some, and the security should be fired, she said that I was not paying attention to my son, and said I was neglecting him because they had to call a code Adam for him four times, not in one day.

She took the package from him and asked where I was. I was a few iles over.

He was so scared that he would get into trouble that he lied to her and cried and said that I told him he could open the crackers, and I meant he could have them when he went home, not now. But he mistook that and accidentally opened them, and he left them on the shelf and I forgot to pay for them.


While I disagree with them using foul language and smoking in front of the store, at that time they are on break and it is none of your concern.