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I called Walmart about tires that I saw on their website and to see what the out the door cost would be on 4 if they were mounted and installed. They told me that they did have the tires I was looking at, but they could not install them on my 2000 lexus ES300 because the tire speed rating was H (rated at 130 mph as top speed). They claimed I had to buy V rated (149mph top speed) tires. Since they had no V rated tires on hand, they could not sell me tires and install them. Thing is, speed rating has nothing to do with normal driving conditions on US highways and a requirement of H to V is incremental and idiotic - our local highways top out at 65 and 70mph here in San Diego.

Now here's the catch. He told me that if I brought in the rims (not the car - just the rims) I could request any tire I want and he would put them on the rims. I would have to install them, but since no car was in their shop, they did not have adhere to any rules about specific tire requirements.

The *** here is amazing. First, what kind of idiocy is this speed rating policy? Firestone didn't have any problems quoting me H rated tires for install. Neither did Discount Tires.

Does anyone know what the truth is behind this "policy"?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Prices, Selection, Location.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Phone service, Idiotic policies, No solutions offered, Way they handled the situation.

  • poor accountabilty
  • Bad Explanation
  • Bad Policy
  • Fail To Offer Solution
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Same exact thing happened to me with 2004 Honda Accord. I have had this car since 2006 it is now 2019 and that has never ever ever ever been an issue anywhere I’ve ever went for tires so is it a safety liability thing with Walmart are they trying to make more money?


I agree its all about money. V rated tires cost more.

@2nd posses off customer

2nd pissed off customer. Walmart had me sitting around for 1.5hrs to then tell me they cant put on the H rated tire on my 03 lexus.

They probably get a kickback from lexus to sell the most expensive tire. Like anyone is really going to drive 130 miles or 149 miles.

This is completely ridiculous. I will be boycotting anything walmart from this point forward.


this wiener noggin lexis guy should be shot before he drives again. He's so *** i'm embarrassed to be of the same genus.


Wal-Mart shouldn't be applauded. If you raise a mild fuss or threaten to take your money elsewhere they are very willing to bend their "safety" rules.

They also lie or exaggerate about the possible affects of doing something non-standard or flat out ignore common sense with safety stuff, or lie to try and get you to spend some money...so i don't even get why they have such *** or off the wall policies for some of their auto stuff. For instance, I once had one of their auto guys telling me he couldn't balance all 4 tires because one of the nuts was "non-standard". This was BS..it was a replacement nut from the manufacturer, it just had a slightly different tint. I raised a fuss with his manager, and they gave in.

Another time, I had one of their auto guys say he couldn't align one of my cars because "one of the tires was too worn and thus the alignment would be off"...he suggested I buy their tires.

BS...alignment of the car has nothing to do with the tire wear of the current tires. At least pretend it's a safety thing instead of trying to convince me to buy tires from your store. The tire he had issue with was also within the inspection range for Pennsylvania, it was fine. I actually had my tread depth gauge with me and when I pulled it out to check the depth to prove his BS he quickly said, "oh wait a minute, I was thinking of another car, we'll get yours finished now".

Just buy the H rated tires online and have them sent to the store for install, Show up to wally world about 45 minutes before their tire center is closing, and if they give you any fuss about putting them on, demand to see the manager, or threaten to start taking each tire off one at a time so they can mount them.

They either wont want to lose the sale, won't want to deal with the store manager, or they wont want to be held up right before close because they're waiting for you to *** each tire individually.

Alternatively, just get whatever tires you want and take them to some local shop and they'll probably put them on faster, cheaper and your entire experience will likely be much more pleasant.

Wal-Mart's tire and lube places are very hit or miss with their service.


Most of walmarts policies are dumb. (I work there as a tech) But if you can't perform an alignment on a car with abnormal worn tires.

Because the tires will no longer sit right and you will preload your suspension components and wear them down by doing so. If you have an alignment tires you need new tires period.


Speed ratings must be followed on replacement tires for the top speed of the vehicle in question not the speed limit (as if you always follow the speed limit). They cannot be down graded from what the OEM tires are.

If they sell you an lower rated tire and if it blows due to speed the Walmart could be responsible. As everyone here is sue happy and does not take responsibility for their own actions.

Lawyers got to make their money. Walmart should be applauded for upholding the tire ratings for YOUR safety.