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Puchased a Magnovox DVD/VHS combo from the WAlmart store in Moberly, MO

Had it not too long and it ate my VHS tape,,,,tried to watch a DVD and now the thing won't stay on keeps shutting off, , it shuts off before I can get the DVD part open to get a DVD in it!!!

I called the walmart store I purchased the piece of junk from and was rudley told that after 15 days you can't even do a exchange with a receipt!! What bull is that?? This is not one of those cheap models I spent good money on this thing and it says a lot about the product when Walmart won't stand behind them.. I wasn't wanting my money back I was just wanting to exchange it for one that worked!!

I spend a lot of money at this store, I do all my shopping there, I barely leave the store spending under a hundred to $200 do all my grocery shopping there, and anything for the houshold, and christmas, birthdays, ,ect. But then to be told that after spending my hard earned money at this store that they won't stand behing their products!! So tell me why I would want to continue spending my money at this store ??? We were looking into purchasing one of the flat screen TV's from this store but I am glad that I found out that Walmart won't stand behind their products before I made the purchase!!!

I am thinking it might be cheaper for me to start spending the extra gas money to go to columbia or Jeff city to do my shopping,, at least when I shop at stores there when one of their products is junks they will do the right thing..

Obviously Walmart doesn't appreciate a good customer like us and obviously if the store can't stand behind their products then their products are not for me,,,

Sorry Walmart, but by being blowed off I am sad to say you have lost my business.

Oh and this is the 2nd time this year that Walmart screwed us,, I had my check cashed there a few months ago they cut me $500 short, I complained and they said that they couldn't give me the rest of my money until they counted everything to ensure that it was their screw up??? Really , I can count my money out on the counter, I can watch the security camera as they did to ensure I didn't put it in my pocket, , had bills to pay 2 days later they called me said they found the error and I could claim the rest of my check, ,no sorry, , no ooops we made a mistake hope you will shop again, nothing just had to wait in line for ever while they verified and then tried to find where manager put my money finally got it and the lady had the never to tell me that I should take better care to count my money out right after they hand it to me, I should be able to tell that the stack was $500 short??? What crapy service, so Walmart blames me because the lady behind the counter counted wrong!!

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Just help my child out her christmas gift with is an Emerson TV from walmart and plug it up and it didn't come on. I have never had any problems until now and reading all these compliants maybe we need not to buy any TV's and other plug in items from them anymore. Hope on Monday they we not give my child a hard time.


You were shorted $500 and continued to shop there? BS or you are just plain ***.


You obviously aren't telling the whole story. I am sure that if the vcr/dvd combo were new enough it would still be under warranty.

I haven't seen a Wal Mart yet that repairs electronics.

It would be up to you to get it to a service center for repair under the manufacturers warranty. I don't know why people fail to read the terms of the warranty when they buy products and then blame the retail store when they have nothing to do with warranty coverage.