Carlsbad, New Mexico
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On 09-05-2008 my daughter and I went into Walmart in Artesia NM to shop and cash her check. She was told that they were unable to accept her military id.

When I ask the service desk assistant about it she said "I would have to discuss it with a manager". After the long wait in line to get to the desk then to be told I would have to wait once again to "speak" to someone, it was best that I leave. I am LIVID that Walmart supports this type of abuse and wont even cash a 101.00 dollar check for a kid who's stepdad is in the military.

You can bet that those very people will EXPECT the military to help them when they need it.

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i like tacos with sugar on top...




take in yer rocket launcher and you are good to go! that is all da id ya need!


I've had problems with their knowledge of military practices as well. A walmart in my area didn't know how to process a check written by power of attorney.

They accused me of fraud, took my money and my merchandise and told me they should have me arrested for writing a check in my husband's name lol.

I wrote it properly according to POA guidelines. Ridiculous.


I've actually had that problem recently. I went to walmart to buy a log of cope long cut to send to my husband (he's deployed), and they asked for my ID.

I gave the cashier my drivers license and she looked at it for a bit then said she couldn't sell the tobacco to me because she didn't think it was a real ID. So, I pulled out my military ID to show her, and she thought that was a fake as well, and told me "Um, I think we're supposed to take and cut up the fake ID's, let me call my manager." *** the manager came up and looked at my ID's and saw that of course they were real, and berated the cashier right there.

Anyway, at least I got the tobacco and my husband was happy. That experience pissed me off though.


Why would you go into Walmart without your license anyways? Did it ever occur to you that they might have to key in your license number?

Or that the associate has a policy that they have to follow? Probably not.

There's a lot of rules that you have to remember while working at Walmart. It's rude of you to just assume those kind of things about a person.


I guess they need a gernade or a rocket launcher to prove that your family served the milatary.