I'm an employee at Walmart and one day I clocked in and had two get right on the register because it was very busy, I think I may have asked one of the other cashiers or maybe even my Csm to hand me a drink cause I was gonna pay for it as soon as I got off the register it was a energy drink i work overnight and needed to stay up, when I got off the register I went through a different lane and paid for my drink and I asked the cashier to ring me up for another one cause I'm going to go to grab one,which she did I continue by taking some carts out, when I get done taking the carts out I grab my drink and I lifted it sold my CSM could see it and I told her hey I paid for this I'm just now grabbing it. and that was it probably oh week or so later the ap officer and some guy from the head office or whatever but I guess he's with loss prevention or something cuz I never seen him before and I guess he's the person that confront the thief or whatever he don't work in the story so he's some big shot or whatever I don't know they call me to the back office and said that they saying that I had stole a drink and I told them there's no way that I grab something I didn't pay for it the guy continue to try to make me say that I forgot and the ap officer said I absolutely did not pay for it cuz she watched the whole tape the whole nigh, after I begged her and pleaded with her to continue to try to look it up because there's no way I stole it she finally looked at the Upc code and seen that two of them was paid for.I don't know if it's a case or whatever but I just can't get the fact that she accuse me of stealing Adam ahead especially how she talks to me like I was just a thief for $1 energies drink, now I know it could have been on me just a little with like a behavioral effects being that I paid for a head of time or drink it before I paid for it or whatever but if that was the case I should have gotten written up or fired for breaking policy or something which I don't know of its and the policy because I see so many people doing that I thought is long as it was pay for it was all good but to flat out called me a thief is just wrong.

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