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I've been employed at Walmart for over 2 years, I'm 26 and I get spoken to as a child on a daily basis my "management."

I started off as a cashier and got "promoted" to a front - end manager/CSM, without the pay.. I agreed to do so without the pay until a position opened up. When it came to the time for me to promote, they hired one overnight and a transfer from another store. After a week of anger, long story short, I transferred over into the service desk.

I was in heaven. For a week..

I am now to the point to where I am looking for another job.

I got a 20 cent raise for transferring over which brought me to $9.40 an hour, pretty descent but definitely not the blood and sweat I put into Walmart.

There is no manager that follows the policy, anyone can pull up our return online.

I follow the policy that I learned from actually reading it and understanding it.

They have so many made up return policies that everyone has to follow.

Every weeks there is a new policy.

I give cash back without a receipt for under 25 dollars, they *** a brick.

They say without a receipt you can either exchange in the same department or keep your merchandise.. THAT IS NO WHERE IN THE POLICY!

I suggest to anyone who has felt like they have been wronged by these so called policies, do some research and print yourself out a copy of the return policy and bring it with you for your returns.


They have been buckling down on which kind they accept. Print yourself out one of these as well.

I had a lady come to me for a copy because they turned her down before her transaction started. I asked if I could see them to read over them.. She had 26 coupons and 20 of them where correct.

Walmart would've gotten reimbursed but Managers at Walmart look at every customer with coupons or price matching as criminals.


The reason there are always long lines at Walmart are because..

Terrible schedules are made.

They hire 18 year old children who are only there to make a little extra cash and have no motivation to do a good job at Walmart because they are usually in school.

NO ONE WANTS TO BE THERE because management sucks. Which also ties into the reason majority of cashiers have bad attitudes. So they usually call in.

They are so under staffed in every department which is why there is never anyone in there to help you find what you need. They expect 1 person to do a 4 person job.

From my experience working at Walmart..

(I said I would never work there and I've been there over 2 years)

I can see how and why Walmart is losing business.

No joke, I hear everyday sometimes more than once, I hate shopping at Walmart.

Truthfully, I work my butt off to not turn into one of those typical Walmart workers, and everyday it is my main goal to do a great job and make the customers happy.

That way if any other associate or managers sees me going above and beyond, it will make them feel even more like *** because they are wrong.

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Keep up the positive attitude someday it will pay off. be the solution not the problem.

Positive people attract positive things.


Wow! You are just the perfect little employee aren't you!

How did the store manage all these years without you? You have all the answers it seems because you worked there a whole 2 years! If you are so miserable there, quit.

I'm sure after your review of walmart other places would love to hire you so that you can write these wonderful reviews about them too. Stop griping and be thankful you even have a job.


I like how you call your 18 year old workers children when you yourself act like a child, putting down your managers and coworkers and saying you are the only one following policies is very childish indeed. You have some nerve complaining about being treated like a child when you act like one.

You can always quit if you don't like it, you got a taste of the working world, you don't like it you know where the door is.

Funny you complain about being treated like a child but you act like one. I am sure you are not as perfect as you make yourself out to be and your coworkers and managers will find problems with you.

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