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As I walked in to Walmart today, I discovered long lines which doesn't surprise me. As a walked over to the pharmecy, I noticed a

worker standing in line. I asked the worker if she was done for the day. She said no. She was just on her break. I said that she

picked a great time to go on break. There was long lines everywhere and there she is standing at the pharmecy. She had no business

being on break when the store is packed. The worker got defensive and told me she has to take a break when management tells her to.

She claims she has a right to a break. I didn't need some prissy, low wage Walmart worker talking to me like that, so I went to find a

manager. When I finally found a manager, I told him that none of the workers needed to be on a break when the store is as busy as it

was. I didn't care if they were standing for several hours in one spot all day. The customer comes first. That is their job. I also

believe that workers shouldn't be buying their medications on their breaks. I believe that should wait till after work. God knows what

that worker was buying. She probally doesn't even need it. The manager told me he would take care of it. At least someone sees eye to

eye with me.

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They also have a right to grab a water and candy bar to eat real quick so they can wait on people like you all 9 hours, being that your more important than them and they probably don't even deserve a meal.


Well, well, well, unfortunately this world has people like you living in it. I just love the fact that someone of your intellect is judging a person simply because they work at Walmart speaks volumes about your character.

Who are you to question what a person does on their break?? Who are you to "assume" that she did not need the medication she was purchasing?

Furthermore, you should make sure you can spell before you submit such an arrogant, selfish, supercilious comment. I too have been frustrated by long lines at Walmart but am grateful that I would never lower myself to your level.


Thanks LadyScot for proving how much you hate your job and finally admitting you hate your job and life. Though we all already knew it "as well".

See LadyScot confess to hating her job and life at Review #: 403979


Hun, by law workers have to take a lunch/short break while working a shift. If it were a short shift, they have to take a short break.

If a 9 hour shift they have to take either a 30 minute (or hour depending on where you work) lunch break. The manager is right she has to take a break because BY LAW she has to. Even when the store is busy and yes customers do come first, she's required to take a break.

You don't know how long she's been on her feet. So for a pissed off customer like you having to wait standing in line for 20 minutes think you're higher than an average worker standing for 9 hours makes you pathetic and dumb as ***.


Well, hello LadyScot - hun.


Is this a joke? Nobody can really be that ignorant.


What a ***


OP, You have no ****ing right to post this. You obviously don't know what it's like in retail. We clock in and get BOMBARDED with the most ridiculous questions and requests. We have to deal with your problems, your attitudes, and your snot-nosed brats all day. 8 Hours is two 15-Minute breaks, and 1-Hour lunch, So we're at the store for like.. 9 hours. Do you want to spend 9 hours at Wally World? No, Obviously, you're complaining about lines.

In my area,you go past the 6-hour mark without a break, It can cost the company up to $1,000 PER MINUTE. Can WalMart afford that for 800+ workers? Maybe, but that would mean your $4 generic wouldn't exist. You'd have to pay $85 for your prescription Mydol for your PMS issue.(Which you probs can't afford, either. You're shopping at WALMART.)

Get off your high horse, and deal with your waiting Issue. It's customers(like you, OP) that put ALL the associates in bad moods. Come in early, 7AM is PRIME for not waiting-- Or late: 9PM!

But it isn't the associate's fault, Give them a freeking break!


If I was that manager, I would have you banned from the store. That employee was correct.

When the manager tells you to go on break, you go.

That employee has every right to be at the pharmacy purchasing meds on her break or lunch. No doubt, she was getting blood pressure meds, so that she doesn't have a stroke while dealing with whiney entitled customers such as yourself.

I think everybody needs to work six months in retail to fully appreciate what goes on in a store.


I must admit there are some dumb as ppl in the world and your proof of it. What gives you the right to think you are above anyones self awarness if I need to take a break guess what I am taking a break that goes to show how some ppl don't have respect for others...... I am tired of ppl thinking that they can say what they want and no one is going to say anything back realize the ppl that work are WAL-MART are ppl and they deserve to have a break at any time of the day that is required and FYI regardless of what a manager tells you doesn't mean that they actually do it have you heard of stroking someones ego


Every employee is entitled to a break by law. Walmart employees are human beings like me and you.

She was buying the medicine that she needs.

Pharmacists don't hand out medicine without doctor prescriptions. Go *** yourself you snippets *** ***!


you can blame it on the federal government...they are required BY LAW to give breaks and if do not do so they will be fined and/or sued. Its the government dictating business practices. No exceptions to Federal law no matter how busy.


On further contemplation of the allegations made by Jedi Ethan and now Funny about stalking, it makes me wonder.

First, I don't believe that Ethan or Funny or anyone else on this site is 13 years old. Those supposed facts are just ludicrous and ridiculous.

Now, going to the deep side of their assertions, assume for just a fleeting second that these statements are remotely possibly true. Hasn't anyone ever told these people that if they feel threatened on the computer, they should LOG OFF???????

I am going to address Ethan and Funny directly. If either of you believe that stalking is going on here on this site, call the FBI and the police. Are you so st_pid that you would accuse people of a potential crime and keep posting to them? There are agencies in USA and Canada that protect children from cyberstalkers. None of you can be so ignorant in today's world not to know this! Seriously, if you are scared enough or big enough or troubled enough to mention our motives being unlawful, do something about it. Log off, tell your parents and call for law enforcement help if you REALLY believe your well being is in jeopardy by potential stalkers.

Remember - this challenge is a two way street!!! Be prepared to deal with the trouble that you brought upon yourself trying to bring trouble on us!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, every computer has an IP address.


This is another example of someone with the IQ of a six year old to expect people to break the law to suit her needs.

The D

Walmart employees are required by HR and their individual managers to take breaks at a predetermined time. If they do not, they face disciplinary action. In addition to that, Meal breaks are breaks are also required by US law.


"Jedi, my husband is not a janitor, and he doesn't do sexual favors for me. How many times does this have to be explained to you??"

You can explain it all you want however that does not make it true.

Why do you keep failing to telling everyone about how you visited Canada and tried to get me to hook you. I know it was you because the person trying to hook me called me a cowboy and asked me if I wanted a good night.

She mentioned her name was Mr. Lea and that her husband works for home office in Walmart States and also has the power to fire people in Walmart Canada as long as she *** his brains out and if I can do the same pleasure you you can have him fire workers as far as Toronto Canada.


"To the OP, Walmart workers are always on break. They don't believe in actual work."

That would mean that your husband is the same.

Seriously grow up. You have one person who is on his lunch break and refuses to help you with your coke machine break problem and you put them all in the same category.

No to mention you tried to bully him into helping you by telling him your husband works at head office. Well your husband must be in the same category lazy, always on break, which is why he is not promoted from Head Office janitor.


To the OP, Walmart workers are always on break. They don't believe in actual work.


Jedi, my husband is not a janitor, and he doesn't do sexual favors for me. How many times does this have to be explained to you??


You should marry a Home Office janitor like MrsLea did. That way you can demand they help you while on break and threaten to have your husband fired in exchange of sex with him if they don't bend over backwards and roll out the red carpet for you.