As I walked in to Walmart today, I discovered long lines which doesn't surprise me. As a walked over to the pharmecy, I noticed a

worker standing in line. I asked the worker if she was done for the day. She said no. She was just on her break. I said that she

picked a great time to go on break. There was long lines everywhere and there she is standing at the pharmecy. She had no business

being on break when the store is packed. The worker got defensive and told me she has to take a break when management tells her to.

She claims she has a right to a break. I didn't need some prissy, low wage Walmart worker talking to me like that, so I went to find a

manager. When I finally found a manager, I told him that none of the workers needed to be on a break when the store is as busy as it

was. I didn't care if they were standing for several hours in one spot all day. The customer comes first. That is their job. I also

believe that workers shouldn't be buying their medications on their breaks. I believe that should wait till after work. God knows what

that worker was buying. She probally doesn't even need it. The manager told me he would take care of it. At least someone sees eye to

eye with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Work from 8-8 no break at all helping your associates unload trucks, bring goods to the floor so they will be there when you shop and make sure each door has plenty of buggies and electric carts for this that need them, that registers are open so customers don't have to wait 30 minutes. You ever thought when people call in we are now doing our job and their to take of our customers, so yes I'm going to make sure they have resting periods.

Call the federal government be because we are required by LAW to give each associate adequate breaks.

I tell you what I will continue totake care of my associates and I would expect for my associates to take care of you as the customer. That's how we run our store


You are such a spoiled little *** I highly doubt you make 90k a year your attitude sucks I hate to see your bed side manner and as for the breaks they go when they say we go and sometimes we can't always pick stuff up when we get off because they are closed you *** dumb ***! Its none of your business if she was on break or not grow up the *** up and go back to school. I am also glad the associate told your dumb *** off I would have too!


You think the manager saw eye to eye? Hahaha..

that is hilarious. Do you how many times I have seen jackoffs like you take it up with a manager, a manager promise to take care of it, talk with the employee etc. for the sole reason of calming the customer down just to turn around and talk *** and laugh about that customer?

Managers deal with self-entitled jerks every day, they are usually more understanding with their employee than the ***. I have even had managers apologize to me for the *** customer.


An RN...really? I doubt it.

Every nurse I know is kind, considerate and compassionate.

You have none of those traits. And I always love hearing from people making 90K and yet are shopping in a Wal-Mart!!!!


Wow and I bet as a nurse you get your breaks too. I know that when I have been in the Hospital and my friends too it takes forever for a nurse to answer a call.

Who gives a rat's *** how much you make.

I am actually surprised that a nurse of all people who is supposed to be an educated person as well as a compassionate person would write something so uneducated and *** in my life. Please honey tell me what hospital you work for I want to make sure I don't end up there for treatment!


All employees are entitled to a break. Sometimes, even when the store is busy.

If they wait until there is no line - which, there will always be a line - they will never get a break. And you know what's stuck up and obnoxious?

Mentioning wages. Also, who are you to be a *** to an employee when she's on her break?


Contrary to popular belief, nobody owes you anything. You saw the employee was standing in line, yet you decided to ridicle this employee for taking a break.

I hope your own personal *** is when your forced to work long hours serving whiny little p r i c k s (like you) who never let you go to break, even though your in immense pain.


Walmart lost a lawsuit involving not giving workers breaks. Since then, they schedule their employee's breaks and the employee MUST go at that time. If you don't like it, go to some third world country to shop where the employees are treated like dirt.


You whinny, spoiled, self-absorbed, Biat@@ (you get the point) Just becuase you have probably never worked for any of your money. If I was a clerk and you came through my line I would refuse to service you, then lets see you wait through another line *** if you dont like lines go to Dillards you spoiled little brat.


I work at another retail store. A coworker got wrote up for not taking a break.

She just kept working because there were cutomers in line. The state laws say workers have to take breaks. How do you know whose RX the worker was picking up on her break? Maybe it was for another family member.

Maybe people who work in offices shouldn't get breaks. People are still calling and need help.


Are you serious? How entitled are you?

First of all, you approached her and was verbally pissy to her! And when she told you why she was on break, you take it to a Manager? Why? Because the low-class surf dared to not look shamed by your words and went back to work?

You even said you didn't care if they had been on their feet all day! And you even go so far as to judge somebody getting medication! WHY? Are you just looking for reasons to mentally put people down?

Does it make you feel good? Does it elevate you as a higher class person?

Greater than somebody who is putting in 8 hours or more a day 5 or more days a week so they can feed, house, and take care of themselves and their family? In the words of Jon Stewart: "BE A *** HUMAN!"


C'Mon man! You are complaining about standing in line...ITS AMERICA!! You should visit Disney something...i cant think of the name right now..I hear they never have lines..EVER!!!!


I think people who shop at Walmart don't care about others in the first place. Evil as the company itself.

The fact that you shop at Walmart puts you in the low class anyways. You can't afford going somewhere else. That's the reason is so *** packed.

Yes, workers are required by law to take a break whether the store is busy or not.

If they work nonstop just to please *** like you. Walmart will get in trouble for abusing the employee rights.


By law, an employee gets breaks and lunch breaks. These are off the clock.

They are free to do what the want to do when they are off the clock.

And if I had a "know it all" jumping into my business I would have let you have it - no holds barred.

Oh, and by the way, the manager didn't agree with you. He was just shutting you up and moving on to the next *** complaining about something that is none of their business.

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