Brighton, Colorado
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We ordered these chairs in August 2015

Order #4671556-576855

US Leisure Low Back Chair, Dune

Quantity: 4

Price: $8.88 each

Sold by

I wrote two letters to customer service with no response.

Here is my second letter to them:

I purchased these chairs about a month ago and I really need to talk to someone about their stability problems.

My pregnant daughter-in-law was sitting in one of them and the side just caved in and broke and she fell to the ground. Although she only suffered cuts and bruises, I feel that I must report this to your company. She is not over the weight limit.

They are very bulky and hard to return. I feel like I am due some compensation and that your company should take these chairs off the market. Please respond. This is the second time I have written. I would like this letter sent to corporate.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have a confession to make people. I wanted money so bad that I loosened the screws on the chair which I knew my pregnant daughter in law was going to sit on.

That is why she was injured. My son caught me doing the same thing again and is angry that I would risk my grandchild like this and has asked me to post a full confession.

I loosened the screws on the chair myself to make the structure weaker so that if anyone gets hurt we can sue.


You are a sick individual and do not deserve anything. You should be in jail.

Your greed for money could have cost the life of your grand child. I stand by what I said previously about how you do not deserve anything since you set the accident up yourself. What if it had become worse.

I am glad that your son saw what you were up to before your greediness and selfishness cost your your grandchild or seriously harmed your daughter in law. You are low and do not deserve to have a family.


Someone is posting under my name here and it's not me! I thought this was a truly an above board site, but it is a sham!

I'm appalled.



That is usually what people claim when people tell them they are being a douchbag.


Looks like you've been a victim of kevinrichards and fistedface impersonation antics. They do it to everyone and the site allows it.

They feed off of it apparently.

They are internet bullies and for whatever reason think it's funny to pick on kids and disabled people. People come here thinking it's a place that companies will fix issues with their consumers when in all actuality it's a breeding ground for these fools to get their kicks off harassing people.


4 chairs at $8.88? How does that equal up to a $100.00 loss???


Daughter-in-law's medical bill.


Why should they have to pay the medical bill when you admitted to loosening the screws attaching the chair. I knew right from the start that you were scamming, and called you out for it.

You are a low person for putting money ahead of your family. Because of your selfishness and greed, your unborn grandchild could have been harmed or even died.

Because of your greed and selfishness your daughter in law who is pregnant could have been hurt. You are one sick person.


Your complaint is with the manufacturer; not Walmart. Also you would need proof that the chair was faulty prior to your purchase, especially if you are seeking monetary compensation.

I would think that your daughter in law would be the one entitled to compensation (if any) since she was the one who was injured, not you. However, this is just a general complaint site not Walmart.