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My husband I just returned from the Walmart in Madison, Ga. I had a horrible experience trying to buy a laptop.

We were brousing when I seen a Toshiba laptop box in the locked cage, price sticker said $278.00. My husband got associate to get it for us and after looking at it she used hand scanner on barcode it came up as deleted, so she called another associate over and then another and nobody could understand why it wouldn't scan so finally after 30 minutes of three employees running from the back to us they finally called the asst manager who also didn't know why. Well after all that they get the sale paper that starts on Sunday. The asst manager very sternly told me he could not sale me the laptop because it was accidently put out on the floor before sale date.

My words to him was because it was put out early and I wanted to buy it you can't sale it to me and his response was no mam I can't, told me to come back on Sunday.

OK so in the end i walked out pissed and with no laptop. Felt they could have done several things to right the wrong, either could have sold it to me anyways, price matched a equivelent one or even put my name on it and held till Sunday but nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Captain Bob USA

Simon you are a total ***, you remind me of a song ( you were born an ashole and you will probably die an ashole,

People like you I can't stand you must have voted for change to. *** head


wall i tink wal mark shud u sold ta puter to da nice laddy cause she kin us spell chek on ther winders 98 ha ha


I will make fun of u if your spelling and English comprehension are poor. I'm sure posting your a cop has people scared, yikes I'm going to hide!

Captain Bob USA

All of you making comments about the lady posting, You think you smart you must be related to our President, LOL

Captain Bob USA

Hey champ you don't need a smart ***, like with your comment to the complainer my typing is terrible to but I would give smart people like you a ticket everyday because I am a Cop for 20 years make fun of me smart boy. Cpt.BT

Ripped Off By Valvoline

You don't need a computer, you need a remedial English class.


I blame the school system. All those teachers drivin ferraris ans sippin champagne.(Mis-spellings were sarcasm for those who do not understand.) Why didn't they teach that words like sale and sell are not interchangeable?

Maybe they were too busy working a second job at Wal-Mart?

Seriously, just read the messages for the meaning and keep your red correcting pens in their holsters. Thank you, take care.


What's brousing?


What are you, 9 years old? How can you possibly not know the difference between the word "sale" and "sell"?

Go back to school and finish the 4th grade.

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