Easton, Pennsylvania

We are doing renovations on our home. We bought more stuff than we needed, so I pile the stuff back in the car.

Some items were still in the Walmart bags. I couldn't find the receipts in the chaos, but I didnt think that would be a problem. One of walmarts known policy is that they will accept a return without a receipt. I haven't needed to return anything in a very long time, but I assumed that was still their policy.

I pile the stuff into a cart and go in. After waiting twenty minutes on line, customer service (K) is my rep. Before I give her anything, I ask, "is there a monetary limit on a return without a receipt?" I explain the situation. She goes to ask a manager and comes back to tell me they won't accept anything without a receipt.

Excuse me?? Since when? I said, "that's not correct. Granted, I have over $300 in this cart, but you won't accept ANYTHING back?" I would have returned a few things.

There wasn't much, but the items were expensive. $30 light fixtures, $25 can of paint, etc. so it added up pretty quick. I understand if they had a monetary limit per transaction, but to tell me you won't accept anything back?!

I asked her for the managers name and told her I would write a letter. I didnt have time to find the manager as I was running late for a pick-up, but I am upset I wasted my gas and time. She was, for lack of a better word, dumb. She wasn't rude, but so not helpful.

I do all my shopping there and when I need service, there is none to be had? Everything was new and unopened.

Just purchased a few days ago. How do you not know your own policy?

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The same dam thing happen to me


Next time give the receipt to mommy or daddy for safe keeping and this will not be an issue. How do I know you are a child, you lost the receipt and refuse to take any blame for it.

Then throw a temper tantrum when they cannot help you. Also you did not waste any gas, because six year old kids are not allowed to drive so tell us another one.

You do not know their policy. Perhaps when you are older you can keep your receipts, but until then hand them to mommy or daddy.


No, probably a Hillary supporter...which is the same mindset as a child.


Just had similar experience call corporate who will put you in touch with store management raise *** get gift card sell for 10% discount. $400.00 i got back on hot items another blow to a true wmd store ;)


Idiotic! walmart or should i say the china mart which reeks chaos on our economy pays employees peanuts Forces other retailers out of business, etc.

and 90% of these comments are defending this evil corp.??

Are that many americans that dumb? Get them for everything they have steal destroy criticise ;) give American entrepreneurs a chance give American factories a chance don't defend this terrible terrible store.


We are not the dumb ones, the OP must be dumb because she still needs mommy or daddy to take care of her receipt. The OP is idiotic because she is the one that lost the receipt and is throwing a temper tantrum because of it.

If even multi million dollar companies took back things without question when someone claimed they lost the receipt they would be out of business. Have an adult explain to you how the world works. It is not about defending a terrible store, this is about telling a six year old that if she has no receipt than the store will not take her items back.

It is about telling this six year old that if she cannot hold on to a receipt give it to mommy or daddy. We know this was written by a six year old because had it been an adult the adult would take responsibility for the lost receipt.


Why oh why is it so hard to keep a receipt, when you buy something just throw the receipt in a shoe box or in the car console or whatever. Clean it out periodically to get rid of stuff you KNOW you will never return.

It's easy folks, honest. People who return that much stuff, especially without a receipt are up to no good, I'll guaranty it.


news flash, i return a lot of stuff without a receipt. why don't i keep them?

because i'm generally not expecting to have to return it, and i don't want my house to look like my mom's (a.k.a. a segment on "hoarders") with 800 boxes of receipts to sift through every time i decide to take back a $5 box of light bulbs.


Well sooner or later you are going to be told you cannot make anymore returns without a receipt if you keep this up. Then you too will whine about how you are not allowed to make a return, and if you are black you will play the race card.

Also you don't need to keep 800 boxes, just keep the receipt for three months or how long you are allowed to make returns. Duh.


I just want to say, I stumbled on this looking for a totally unrelated piece of information, but your repeated comments and the intense ignorance of them has irritated me to the point I need to say something.

you, sir, are the reason the internet is a terrible place. You're not even clever or intelligent enough to come up with more than one dig at the OP.

You just repeatedly call them a 6 year old, which doesn't even make sense. In case you're unaware, a 6 year old having a temper tantrum because they're not getting their way is not exactly the same as a person (regardless of their age) being upset by a store arbitrarily imposing a policy that completely contradicts what has been universally known to be the store's practices for years (i.e. Wal-Mart will return stuff without a receipt for store credit ).

I think someone should teach you how to be more mature than a 6 year old. Because seriously, even my 5 year old thinks you sound like a tool.

You are arrogant, ignorant and obnoxious, and also apparently racist.

Please be quiet. No one cares what you think.

I would love very much to see the day you misplace something you needed and you get upset about it.

But that would never happen right? Because You are perfect.

Or you still give everything you need to your mommy and daddy. I'm gonna bet on the latter.

If I were a person like you, I might suggest that you probably live in your parents basement and weigh three hundred pounds because you spend all your time criticizing people on the internet. But I do not pretend to know you, or anything about you, beyond the fact (based on your repeated comments here) that you are a loud mouth, arrogant, know it all. So again, Please, Please, Please, be quiet. No.

One. Cares. What.

You. Think.


I work in Walmart in Easton Pa. We have a woman, first name "Beth Ann", who is a notorious "serial returner". It never fails to amaze me how people don't have any problems committing fraud and theft.


It's only fraud and theft if your one of those "born againers"! This is the 21st century, we the 99% have a right to take from the rich and put in our pockets.

This person who is screwing Walmart out of $300 represent the new generation of "pissed consumers" who now have a voice with President Obama! Power to the People Baby!!!!!


Go beth anne!


what exactly is it about returning a lot of things that automatically constitutes fraud and theft?


Those days are over. Bad economy changes allot of policies.

People need to adjust.

Your using WalMarts return policy to account for your poor planning! Your taking their policy to the limit and then going a bit more!

Yes, WalMart has an excellent return policy.

Thanks for abusing it. Hopefully, your poor purchase planning doesn't ruin this for everyone else.


Receipt or not. It is quite obvious you were recognized by the service desk employee as a serial returner.

I wouldn't be surprised if a there was a giant picture of your whiney face, take by prevention loss, posted in the stores back room.

Your over the top defensive and abusive bullying towards others is quite telling. Next time you walk into walmart, just remember..PREVENTION LOSS IS WATCHING YOU.

@I see guilty people

^^yep, that should read- LOSS PREVENTION. I shouldn't post when im tired lol


Seriously the OP sounds like she is nine years old. Throwing a temper tantrum, calling people names because they disagree with her.

As other people suggest if you cannot take being told you are wrong than don't post. There is a difference between being told you are wrong and harassing and by calling other posters idiots, the OP is the one harassing others and acting immature.

@OP sounds immature

Nine years old, yeah nine year old's are also careless and lost things, but this person sounds like they are six years old. A nine year old can admit that it was their fault they lost their receipt, this six year old is blaming others.


If you had $300 worth of stuff with no receipt, I'd question if it was stolen merchandise!