Easton, Pennsylvania

We are doing renovations on our home. We bought more stuff than we needed, so I pile the stuff back in the car.

Some items were still in the Walmart bags. I couldn't find the receipts in the chaos, but I didnt think that would be a problem. One of walmarts known policy is that they will accept a return without a receipt. I haven't needed to return anything in a very long time, but I assumed that was still their policy.

I pile the stuff into a cart and go in. After waiting twenty minutes on line, customer service (K) is my rep. Before I give her anything, I ask, "is there a monetary limit on a return without a receipt?" I explain the situation. She goes to ask a manager and comes back to tell me they won't accept anything without a receipt.

Excuse me?? Since when? I said, "that's not correct. Granted, I have over $300 in this cart, but you won't accept ANYTHING back?" I would have returned a few things.

There wasn't much, but the items were expensive. $30 light fixtures, $25 can of paint, etc. so it added up pretty quick. I understand if they had a monetary limit per transaction, but to tell me you won't accept anything back?!

I asked her for the managers name and told her I would write a letter. I didnt have time to find the manager as I was running late for a pick-up, but I am upset I wasted my gas and time. She was, for lack of a better word, dumb. She wasn't rude, but so not helpful.

I do all my shopping there and when I need service, there is none to be had? Everything was new and unopened.

Just purchased a few days ago. How do you not know your own policy?

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Good for Walmart no retailer should have to take back ANYTHING unless you can prove,you bought it there. No receipt?

Tough luck. And if you don't want any one to reply to your *** comments, maybe you should face the fact you were in the wrong


Why don't you shut up. This is a site for people to post their bad experiences with companies, not for idiots like yourself to defend the company.


Somebody call a WAAAAAMBULANCE!


I don't shut up I grow up, and when I look at you I throw up. Then your mom goes around the corner and licks it up.


and OP's supposed to be the immature one here?


You're a ***. This is a venue for complaints.

What are you doing on here defending walmart? What a loser.


Shut up all of you are idiots. Stop replying to my review.

This site is called pissed consumer you idiots. I have reported each and everyone of your comments to the moderators and soon you will be banned from the site. The site clearly stated you cannot abuse and harass other members. Shame on you.

You have both been reported.

You are supposed to support the customer not berate the customer. Losers.


We are not "supposed" to do anything. There is a comments section for a reason.

Don't like it? Don't post. I can't imagine that you actually expected support for a post like yours. You probably made them suspicious with your question of a monetary limit.

Lastly, you have the nerve to complain about your treatment here after you publicly called someone "dumb". You are not special.


If someone is going to act dumb I will call them dumb. Some of the posters are dumb.

They don't know this site is for complaining and supporting the customer. They are all a bunch of 14 year old bullies. I will call you dumb and idiots if you act that way.

Also I have reported each and every comment, and you will all be banned. I will continue to report harassing posts.


I can tell you almost verbatim what PC will tell you. They do not have the ability to block users.

Plus, the policy they have is for the more egregious stuff, not hurt feelings. You had better read more of the complaints on the site if you really believe that it is to support consumers. It is not. Its number one purpose is to expose users to ads - no ads, no site.

Secondly, aside from the complainers, the rest are here either for debate, or entertainment and your complaint with a bunch of heart-warming support comments will NOT draw the users. Gotta give the people what they want.

Me, I enjoy reading all of the whiny complaints like this one - when I see what upsets people and how they gripe about it, I think "wow, life sure is good" It must be miserable to be so stuck on negativity and conflict. Plus, this stuff is just plain funny - you can't make this *** up!


You are special too.....as in special ed. Get a life and quit harassing people who are sharing their experiences at Walmart.


But I enjoy it so much and it's free!


"ne of walmarts known policy is that they will accept a return without a receipt. I haven't needed to return anything in a very long time, but I assumed that was still their policy."

So because you did not understand their return policy they are the bad guy. It seems to me they changed their policy because people took advantage of their policy. You obviously returned items without a receipt before. This time your excuse for losing it is your house is being renovated. But what about the other times.

Here is an idea, next time you buy something expensive, hand the receipt to a parent right away, because you are obviously a child who blames them for losing their receipt. Why if everyone claimed they forgot their receipt and tried to return $300 worth of stuff they would not be in business any longer.


Just purchased a few days ago.How do you not know your own policy?"

It is YOU that does not know their policy. Returning $300 worth of stuff without a receipt is a little suspicious. Seriously you are acting like you are 10 years old.


Walmart, for several years, has accepted returns without a receipt, even though many of our competitors require receipts for all returns. Walmart gives customers the option of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), a shopping card for the amount of the purchase (if it was over $25) or an even exchange for the product.

Also, as applicable, we follow any manufacturer’s warranties.

I'd show them this directly from the Walmart website.


My guess is she tried demanding/expecting actual cash back for her no-receipt return. As you say, if it's over $25 without a receipt, it's going to be store credit.


You had over $300.00 worth of merchandise to return without a receipt and you don't understand why they didn't take any of it back? No proof of purchase, that's why!