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I just went to WalMart to return a gift unopened with the receipt. I drove 30 mile to take it there, I can't us it because I don't have the cell or Apple product that is required to use the Motorola Home Video Monitoring Cameras.

My mom thought I had it,so she bought it for me for Christmas. I get to Walmart and they tell me I can't return it, that my mom Black Friday Christmas need to be returned 15 days from Nov. 27th. I felt clueless, because it was a present.

Then the manager had the nerve to tell me to send it to the product company, to get my money back, huh? Why would I have to go send it the product company when my mom didn't buy it from the Motorola company, she bought it from Walmart? So why would I have to send it to Motorola Company for a refund? Huh?

They wasted my gas and my time and 100 dollars of my mother money, why would I ever want to shop there again. The not receiving a refund wasn't the worst part of all that had happen, it was that she made us feel like WalMart didn't care if they loss another customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: How they feel we are exsendable, Customer service, Service, Management.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #929702

Just say you lost the receipt and return it anyway, they will give you a walmart gift card with the balance on there. I had to do this because they wouldn't let me return something so I got my money back this way. Walmart is so ***

to Tiff Orange, California, United States #930260

Every store has the same policy, so every store is ***, or perhaps it is just you. However the action she took in her update was wrong.

to KevinRichards Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #934840

What ?????????????? Another Kevin comment. Who needs God Kevin knows everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #934945

Oh I see I have a six year old stalking me. How cute, no go run along and play with your friends okay, that is if you have any.


Poor little kevin gets so defensive when people know the truth about him. It's ok to be who you are kevin.

Bronies are all about pink pony love. next time you can bring your dad to the conference if it makes you feel better.

Just admit you are talking about yourself like you said this is nothing to be ashamed of.

to KevinRichards #929266

I have no problem admitting I am a brony. I loved the time we shared.

it's just a shame you can't admit it and set yourself free. be happy pink pony!

to lovemypinkiepiekevin #929380

You must be thinking of Kevin Richards the foot ball player. Yeah he takes hard hits but well, being a football player he does not want to admit it.


Kevin Richards is my long lost love and fellow brony. Please be kind to him on this site.

He is going through a lot in his life. It is hard to be taken seriously when you are dressed up like a pink pony. I know because I also suffer sometimes dressing like a blue one. We just need to be ourselves and no one understands.

It's ok Kevin- it's ok to be a brony be proud and be happy not sad because you know FriendShip is MaGic. I can't wait to see you at the next meeting.

to lovemypinkiepiekevin #928814

you are kinda boring, but i love pink pony so much I keep making an exception for you. I know you want me to dress up as Apple Jack, but I am not sure I am ready for that kind of commitment yet Kevin. Stop pressuring me.

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #928188

Good god, please just boycott Wal-Mart. You and your immediate family should be shopping at K-mart or Family Dollar. In the rare case I wander into a Wally World, I would rather not see you griping at customer service with an outfit and appearance destined for

Berlin, Berlin, Germany #928009

fight fire with fire. go collect walmart receipts from your friends.

stand in front of the store door and hand them out to customers going in.

Tell them to pick out the items on the receipt that they want. free stuff!!!!!!!

to major*** Montgomery, Alabama, United States #928132

You do it, the rest of us don't want to go to jail or have a criminal record.

to major*** Telluride, Colorado, United States #928620

Haaaaaaaaaa, I done this before. it works!

wamart too busy to take notice. magagers dumasses and don't care


Electronics are in a return class all of their own, unfortunately. Almost always, on the outside of the electronics box, it states "DO NOT RETURN TO THE STORE, PLEASE CONTACT (COMPANY) CUSTOMER SERVICE".

I know this is frustrating, especially since it's unopened. If all else fails, sell it in a local swap shop on facebook or put it up on craigslist or in a local want ad.

to Anonymous #927978

Be careful she already verbally attacked one person, it does not matter if you support her or not she will attack you if you tell her something she does not want to read. She even attacked her mother for sending the wrong gift, how childish is that.

to KevinRichards #928052

Kevin you are a little boy who likes to attack women and call men wife beaters. Go back to school and get an education.

I would be glad to teach you some manners.

You keep posting on everyone's page the same old ***. Maybe mama doesn't treat you right?

to Anonymous #928891

I don't attack women, I simply told that lady she was wrong, there is nothing with that, it is like me calling you a bully because you are attacking me because I am 16 and you are twice my age. That is a cowardly excuse.

You keep following people from post to post, I will reply back, you and that child beater needs to know manners. You admitted in another post that you beat your wife and seven year old daughter when people hurt you online.

to KevinRichards #928307

Theres someone looking for you- pretty funny too

to KevinRichards #928575

"How childish is that" is a question, just so you know. It needs a question mark.

to grammarpoliceinthehouse #928892

Well genius you missed a comma.

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