I was just approved for food stamps under a new program the city of LA and state of California is doing to help illegal aliens get better services. I went to Walmart today and they refused my food stamps.

The card wouldn't scan and they just didn't care to put forth the effort to make it work. She tried scanning it a few times and was like 'sorry!" Worst service EVER!! Sorry if my english isn't so good, I am still learning. So there is what happened.

Walmart sucks!!

They are also outside of the law. Should probably call police.

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Newport, Tennessee, United States #877575

Sure, call the police and maybe they'd toss your sorry *** out of the store, state, and country. How dare you complain about lack of free services when you're one of the leeches who destroy all the good that we've built over the years! Pack up, hire a coyote, and leave.

First Born Triplet
to Goomba #877793

Hey leave the troll alone okay, they have a very legitimate complaint. I had a similar experience where I wanted to buy beer and they would not accept my fake ID.

First of all they said a driver's license is printed on plastic not cardboard, then they said that they don't seem to think that my real name is George W Bush. And lastly they said the picture did not match my face.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #729265

Oh hey....why didn't you try that card from your homeland.....where you are a legal resident...... Stop drinking the entitlement koolaid that Obama and his clowns are brewing.......the rest of us could careless and think you are not entitled to a darn thing. Yeah call the police...I hope the help you back to your homeland....

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #729150
Great job walmart!! Nobody who is here illegally deserves services that are exclusive to our country..they should only be allowed the same benefits that they're country offers,which is nothing..I'm proud to shop at walmart :grin
Gahanna, Ohio, United States #628513

First of all did anyone pick-up on the fact that this post was created just to *** people off and get everyone worked up? Subject line alone gave it away, then the comment about "they didn't put forth the effort" doesn't come from someone who doesn't speak English and felt the need to apologize for it.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #627904

Sorry but illegal aliens that are mooching off of our government don't get much sympathy. Perhaps you should be deported for being such an ungrateful ***.


Illegal aliens don't deserve ANY service. Actually, I take that back.

The only service illegal aliens deserve is to be deported back to their countries where they came from. It's a shame that my taxes are helping illegals when it should be helping people who actually deserve it (American citizens & LEGAL immigrants).

Davenport, Iowa, United States #627564

No what sucks is illegal aliens being approved for food stamps.

When my ancestors came to the United States of America from Scotland in the 1830's they made their own way without free services and when the allotted time had passed (required) they became Naturalized Citizens. If they could obey the law why can't you?

If your card didn't work it was not the stores fault.

You should have called the police and ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement).

Naples, Florida, United States #627260

Hold on, you are breaking the law being here and you are *** about not being able to spend MY hard earned money? Take your mooching *** back to where you came from and get food stamps there.

Jesus Christ.

California really is going to the illegals. They should ship all your lazy *** back across the border.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #627065

The machines don't always work. However, while you were there you could have called the toll free number to find out what the problem was. However, I don't necessarily buy your story, being the food stamp program is funded by the federal government, what you said about the program should be nation wide and I haven't heard of it where I live.

Why should we have to support you? Good job :grin :grin :grin :grin Walmart!!!

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