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I lived in Florida for 20 yrs and just moved back North about 3 months ago to take care of my Mom. After having a chronic illnes for most of my life and the same doctor as well.

I ve had several surgerys and I will again. Its hard enough to find a good sergeon and I decided to still go to my doctor in Florida when I needed to. I will need to see him at least 4 times a year and more when I have sergery. Problem is this: I am on meds that I will most likely take forever ( 1 narcotic and 2 non narcotics).

I use walmart in florida so I decided to use walmart where I live now. I brought my scripts in today in which the Pharmacist said it was a 2 hour wait and she would need to call my doctor in florida to verify my meds. I understand the reason for this and was not upset. I went back after 4 hours to pick it up and the pharm staff was super rude!

She handed my scripts back to me and said that walmart cant fill these as they WILL not fill meds for this doctor. I asked why because if there was something wrong with this doctor I have a right to know. She basically ignored me and said as she walked away from me" Sorry Maam We WILL NOT FILL sorry trhough!" She gave me no reason just becase was all. I am very upset and dont know why this happened.

I know all about Floridas [pain clinic probs but this is not a clinic and people from florida do have illness too.

So if your from Florida does that mean you must be a druggie? WRONG!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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It is obvious this person had brain surgery and part of their brain removed sinec they can't spell and they are making her wait? Maybe this person is a druggie and abused drugs and it killed their brain cells and that is why they can't spell surgery. I would think that one that had surgery could spell surgery.