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I live in Selby, SD. I work at the Walworth County Jail as a correctional officer.

I went to visit my girlfriend who lives in Bismarck, ND. December 21, 2016. While I was there I went to Wal-Mart which address is 2717 Rock Island PL. Bismarck, ND.

58504. I purchased an x-box one and the x-box one video game Nba 2k17. I charged it on my credit card. I left there and went to other stores to shop because my hotel room wouldn't be ready til 3pm and my girlfriend was at work.

I went to family dollar and decided I needed to check to see if my remote control on the game would need batteries and that's when I opened the box and discovered it was an old beat up x-box 360 game console, an old game remote control that had initials written in crayon. I instantly drove back to the Wal-Mart to return it and when I got to the electronics department I asked to speak with a manager. The manager came and I told him what happened and I said that he needs to check the cameras and see whose around there switching out games, or who accepted a return without checking the box. He goes to the back and comes back after like 10 min and says the x-box 360 was purchased in 2014 and the serial numbers don't match at that point I'm super pissed.

He brings another manager out with him who says I need to get in touch with Microsoft. I said what does Microsoft have to do with this your store sold me this game console and what suppose to be in the box isn't there. I also explained I worked at a jail and I wouldn't be attempting to scam a store noing I could lose my job behind it. I also said obviously you guys think I did it if your not going to switch out the game console, or check cameras to see if someone in the store took it and switched console's.

The manager Ryan said were not saying you took it but you'll have to contact Microsoft. I called 911 and had a police come up there because i was beyond furious. The police came up there I explained what happened the officer said there was nothing she could do about it. She stated it was a civil matter if they said to contact Microsoft then that's what i should do.

I stated to her if you bought something that cost 280 dollars and you went to open it and it wasn't in there you would be trying to here someone say contact the company that makes it. I couldn't get an honest answer out of her either so I called their corporate. The lady was understanding until she contacted the store and the manager Ryan gave her the same excuse he gave me. So then she tells me to contact Microsoft and I was thinking you can't be serious.

I calls Microsoft they said that the retailer that sold you the game console is responsible since they sold it to me and what was suppose to be in the box wasn't there. He also said I could call them while I'm at the store if I needed to. I called to speak to the manager Ryan again and told him what Microsoft said and he responds by saying like I told you before were not accepting the return. I said so your basically stealing from me.

He says no I'm not. I said yes you are because I purchased an x-box one and it wasn't what was inside the box and you won't exchange it or reimburse me my money back. He said like I said were not accepting the return so I told him I wish him the same bad luck. I call Wal-Mart corporate again and I spoke to the first person all day who understood how I felt.

I explained what happened and she said that it's not the first time this has happened and that she doesn't understand why they wouldn't exchange it. She said I called the police, I contacted Microsoft, I called the corporate office. It felt good to hear that someone understood and at least believed me. She e-mailed the head manager and said that he should get back to me in 3-5 days or to call corporate back and they'll get in touch with the district manager.

It still doesn't sit right with me though because I have a purchase on my credit card for over 280 dollars and I have an x-box one game and no game console and I was basically robbed by Wal-Mart with no gun.

Now I'm waiting to see what there going to do when I made a purchase and can't even enjoy it. It is December 26, 2016 and I still haven't heard anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xbox Video Game Console.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The only solution that I can think of is to carefully check the packaging before you buy the game. Maybe even open the box at the cashier's station to make sure it is a new console.


Calling 911 was out of line. They should charge you for that - that's for emergencies, not theft of any sort.

That said....Wal-mart could have made this so simple if they would have just honored the request for the refund and/or checked their cameras to see how this was happening. No excuses there.


I agree, the should charge him for that. I just read another post about a lady that called 911 on Taco Bell because the employee refused to give her her money back for her food until they verified that she actually did not receive the food. The thing is she had kids in the car and if they were not scared they would have arrested her right than and there for calling 911 for non something that is not an emergency.


Oh and I am not being charged with abusing the 911 system and I could lose my job over this if charged because to work in a jail I have to have a clean background.


I might also like to add that I bet my girlfriend up because of this as well and she called 911 on me and now because I hit her as I was angry with Walmart I could lose my job as the police took her side and told her that she should press charged. They refused to help me, they are charging me with abusing the 911 system because that is only for emergencies and this is not an emergency.


So, you beat her up huh? You dirty, dirty man!