Lawrenceville, Georgia
Not resolved

Well once again I go to Walmart #579 in Saint Augustine Florida located at 2355 us highway 1 south and there out of Yellow Tail wines every type but one. Why they have a huge barefoot display when know one cares about barefoot is Beyond me.

So I called The store and spoke with the Angie and all she did was blame it on the vendors so I said what the *** I'll talk to the vendors. So I saw a guy working the wine. He said the store always refuses his cases just so he can turn around and send it back in. Makes no sense to me and definitely didn't make sense to him.

So moving forward are you guys going to carry these wines? if not I'll be more than happy to take my money somewhere else I'm sure you probably will never read this but just know that there's a lot of unhappy customers out there one day maybe everybody will get together and stop shopping Walmart until you guys fix your problem.

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What difference does it make, I doubt you are old enough to buy wine anyway.


why im 3